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Biblical Protestant Church (Dario Kapin)|Bosnia and Herzegovina

It's easy when we're looking on from a distance to have the right answer for everybody. But we're not as good at applying those answers to our life because when we're hurt it's our emotions that get involved.

We bless Jews

n Wednesday 27th of September we held Jewish-Christian fellowship night in Zenica. Our vision was to bless Jews who lives in Bosnia and to help them to understand love that we have towards them as promised nation. We believe that what God said in Genesis 12:1-4 is truth and is for church today. Even Zenica is known as a Muslim city (at least 75% of all populations are Muslims) we believed that God want this event right here. Some people were little bit afraid when they heard what we want to do but we were not. We believe in prophetic church, church which will not be quiet but will speak the truth of God in every moment and every situation. That's why we pressed on.

On that night we had around 50 people present. Some of them were from churches and some of them were from Catholic school (teachers) and of course some of them were from Jewish community in Sarajevo .

Our special guests were Branko Erceg (Pastor of Protestant Evangelical Church in Banja Luka ) and group of young girls from Pentecostal Church in Kikinda ( Serbia , Vojvodina) together with Pastor Isidor from Senta ( Serbia , Vojvodina). Branko was talking about how important is for church today to be supporters of Jewish people and how mistakes were made in past, mistakes that we should be shamed of. Group of these young girls singed a lot of Jewish songs and were really blessings for all of us.

Guests from Jewish community in Sarajevo were Moris Albahari, Eli Tauber and Rabin Eliezer Papo from Jerusalem (a man who is originally from Sarajevo but went to Israel and become Rabin). They were so touched by all those things we prepared for them and on the end they promised to make till the end of this year one event in Sarajevo and we will be special guests there..

I really can not explain how good all of this was but I know this was historical moment not only for our church and churches which came but for whole Bosnia and Herzegovina . Such events never happened before here and we believe that new time has come and that blessings of God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will come upon this land.

Today I heard so good reports from leader of Catholic school who heard about all of this and want to have connection with us. Many other people met me and said they heard about this event and were blessed and supports us to go on.

This is just beginning of things God want to do and we are open for more. We want to be a church that will arise and speak the Word of God in spite of price we have to pay for it. We don't want to be quiet and silent by keeping our peace and security but lead by Holy Spirit where ever He wants us to go.

Thank you for your prayers, for everything you are doing for us and know you are doing for Kingdom of God .

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