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Biblical Protestant Church (Dario Kapin)|Bosnia and Herzegovina

It's easy when we're looking on from a distance to have the right answer for everybody. But we're not as good at applying those answers to our life because when we're hurt it's our emotions that get involved.

Well, God is good God. Not only that, but He is Almighty. Where you don't expect things to happen, He stretch His hand and make a way.

Since we started this church in Zenica (80% Muslim town), God gave us a vision to reach after media. Little by little, even we were just few, we knock on doors and they got opened. And what is amazing, God didn't just opened doors in our country (Bosnia) but in our neighborhood too. We were able to present "One cubed" Christian music show to them and after a short time TV stations started to broadcast this show (Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro). Till now 11 TV stations did broadcast or are still broadcasting One cubed and Joyce Meyer.

We knew it that was not end of what God want's to do. After a while one of TV stations started to broadcast Joyce Meyer "Enjoying Everyday Life". We started to translate program and to subtitle it and believe it God will open more stations for airing it.

And about 20 days ago we just received a call from one TV station from Sarajevo (can be seen also in area of Zenica and Tuzla). They heard about us and asked if they could get programs to air it. Tonight I met with guys from TV station and agree that both of this programs will be on air at least once per week (but they said probably more than once). And not only that, they promised to cover our bigger events (something like HOPE) and to give us air time for Christmas and Easter (if we want to give Christmas packages to kids etc.). I believe that's just beginning of cooperation with this TV station and end will be great.

This is just cream on a cake of what happen till now in those 4 years as we exist. We were first church ever in Bosnia who appeared on state TV stations with Christmas and Easter message (till now, only Catholic and Orthodox had those rights). The biggest independent TV station in Bosnia "Hayat" made 20 min documentary about us (you can see those video clips on www.cross.tv/Dario). We were live for Day of Reformation on state radio. More of that you can find on www.vccmedia.blogger.ba

And how we did it? It was just a vision, a call from God. He told us to not fear since we are few. Last Easter I was doubting if we would do anything for media since I knew it we will be just few on church service. But then Holy Spirit clearly spoke to me and said: "DO NOT BRAKE LINK ON A CHAIN!!!" And what happened? We had great time and TV station had one of the best presentation with short Gospel on main news. Because of that many people in Bosnia changed their view about Protestant believers. Even few people from other towns got saved through this ministry. People from University are calling us and asking for information's, encouraging us to continue with showing love of God to this world.

We believe God wants to open media center here. There is so many Christian TV station in US and some parts of Europe. But how many you find on Balkan. Answer is: NO SINGLE ONE!?!

I believe it is time to change it. DARE IT. BE PART OF IT. BE OUR PARTNER, SUPPORTER, PRAYER WARRIOR. Change a history of Europe. You probably think why I mentioned a Europe in stead of Bosnia, Balkan. Well, in past times, many important things for Europe happened here. Some bad, some good. First world war started because killing of Franc Ferdinand in Sarajevo. Turkish army was stopped on this areas here to not enter Europe. And so on and on.

If you want to contact us please, use info from this page. Let's be part of revival.

With love,

Pastor Dario & Silvija Kapin

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