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Biblical Protestant Church (Dario Kapin)|Bosnia and Herzegovina

It's easy when we're looking on from a distance to have the right answer for everybody. But we're not as good at applying those answers to our life because when we're hurt it's our emotions that get involved.

The official date of the opening of our Church in Zenica is March 17, 2004. The beginnings were hard. We used to gather in the apartment of Pastor Dario and Silvija. Besides them, there were only two other believers. During that entire year we were praying that the Lord opens up the door so we could commence working with the public.

During those days, only several people support our efforts: Jovica Bacvanski, Joel Baker and Dusan Kljaic.

Not long thereafter, Pastor Dario meets brother Andreas Kisslinger (Christian Media Production, Vienna). This is the beginning of their collaboration to air Christian musical program "One Cubed" on TV stations in B&H, Serbia and Montenegro.

Little by little, people start to come and give their lives to Jesus.

In October, when our entire congregation consists of only seven people, we are planning a praise and worship outreach with brother Andreas. Eighty people show up!

In March of that same year, Pastor Dario and Silvija are in touch with two missionaries from USA: Stacy and Casey Long. The result was that the Longs decided to team up with the Kapins and start building the Kingdom of God together in Zenica and the region.

That same month, brother Andreas Kisslinger and Pastor Dario Kapin receive a vision from the Lord to organize a Christian concert. They name the event "Hope 06". The concert realizes in May '06.

Throughout 2006, groups from "Youth With A Mission" visit us periodically. During those visits, their drama teams perform in downtown Zenica and witness about Jesus as the Savior of the World.

In early September, a Christian rock group "Fresh" from Austria visits Zenica. Our church organizes their concerts in 5 cities in B&H. Through their music and lyrics, "Fresh" witnesses about faith in Jesus Christ.

Just about that same time, the Church organizes an evening of Jewish-Christian friendship, the first ever in B&H. This was an act of publicly demonstrating our love towards the nation our Messiah came from.

Throughout 2006, in cooperation with brother Josef Wiendl (a representative from ecumenical movement from Austria), we are tackling a project of unity with all who believe in Jesus as the only Savior of the entire mankind.

Stay tuned.... More to come....


Hi everyone!

We haven't wrote for some time on this page but we are back again. We are still alive in spite of all difficulties we face in our work. Church was going up and down with membership but we do not give up. Bosnia and city of Zenica are pretty hard ground and unfortunately in whole country there is no more then 400 new born believers. 

We are finally close to buy small coffee pub where we are helding church services right now. That's one step forward in our ministry.

Also we have started to work with bees and we are helping 4 church members (unemployed) to work with bees and gain some money for their lives. Soon we will update you more about it with some pictures and info.

If you want to hear more and may be to support this ministry, please conntact us on email: dariokapin@hotmail.com 


ps. we just want to inform you that our church has finally been registrated before Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina as BIBLICAL PROTESTANT CHURCH.

Thanks to all for your prayers and supports!

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