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Biblical Protestant Church (Dario Kapin)|Bosnia and Herzegovina

It's easy when we're looking on from a distance to have the right answer for everybody. But we're not as good at applying those answers to our life because when we're hurt it's our emotions that get involved.


We have organized few concerts all over Bosnia and Herzegovina with rock band "Fresh" (now "My glorious") and Nathan W. Smith. Here is short look on what happened (pictures will come latter).

Part 1.

Not so long after HOPE 06, in September that same year, rock band “Fresh” from Wien came again to Zenica. This time vision was to be on places where youth are gathered, places that many avoid.

To be a Christian is not to sit in comfort of your church or just to be with your brothers and sisters in faith but also to be among those who are on their way to hell. Jesus was a friend of sinners and costumers. He set with Mathew in his house, together with people who were despised by religious leaders at that time. He was eating and drinking with them. He, even He was a Son of God, talked with prostitutes and forgave their sins. He said: “Those who are healthy don’t need a doctor, but those who are sick”.

That’s why we have done something we believe our Lord would do it – we organized 6 concerts for “Fresh” on a places where lost are – pubs.

Every concert was special. But isn’t most special to sing and play about Jesus to sinners? On every concert we had chance to witness and on each place we are welcomed again. That’s why we believe that this is just beginning of those evangelizations that are forgotten in front of dash of “fast food Christianity”.

Part 2.

It was not so long after HOPE 07 and rock band Fresh from Wien came again in BiH. This time we had concerts in Busovača, G. Vakuf (Uskoplje) and, of course, Zenica.

We had again great time together. We traveled, singed and of course - we had barbicue.

Even concerts in Busovača and G. Vakuf (Uskoplje) was great, Zenica is a story for it self. So much emotions, so much people, so much exitment, made Fresh to feel Zenica as their second home.

There was new songs...old once too but with different stile than last time...But most beautiful thing was that it was all about Savior, Jesus the Son of God.

Beside Fresh we also had two young groups from Austria and Switzerland. During this week they played some dramas and dancings...gave testimonies...pray for people. Few youts gave their lives to Jesus...many promised to come to church.

Please, stay in your prayers for us and our church in all that we do here. This is a year when we expect a harvest out of all of those things that was sown in peoples hearts...a year when we expect to see changes. Thanks to all of you and may Lord Jesus bless you in all you do for Him.

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