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Biblical Protestant Church (Dario Kapin)|Bosnia and Herzegovina

It's easy when we're looking on from a distance to have the right answer for everybody. But we're not as good at applying those answers to our life because when we're hurt it's our emotions that get involved.

We will give a retrospective on HOPE event we did in last 3 years. Hope your hart will be touch to become partner of this huge event and help us to continue with it.

HOPE 06:

In a May of 2006 we held two day Christian concert in the midst of city of Zenica . It was called HOPE 06.

That was first ever held concert of this type in Bosnia and Herzegovina . For first time Protestant believers were able (on this way) to give message of salvation to people that never met Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Vision was born in March 2006 when Lord has spoken through Holy Spirit to brother Andreas Kisslinger and Pastor Dario Kapin that such event and outreach is something He wants in this city. And we started with preparations.

With a help from one brother we came in contact with brother Nathan W. Smith who glorifies God with anointing of Holy Spirit where every he has chance to do it. Brother Andreas brought with him a rock band “Fresh” from Austria , band that initiate with their songs young people to source of real hope and life – Jesus Christ. From Zenica we had Catholic band “New heaven” and our church band “Shekinah” and also a drama group of young believers from Sarajevo Gypsy Vineyard church.

Between 1000 and 1500 that has been present in those two nights had chance to hear Gospel and we believe that was a great preparation for all of those things Lord wants to do it in 2007.

Many asking us: “But where are fruits of things you are doing?” But often they are forgetting that some cities and countries are places that first should be ploughed up so seed which is sawn can bring a fruits. That’s why we decided (led by Holy Spirit) to organize HOPE 07 but not only in Zenica but in a few other cities on Balkan area. That’s why we kindly ask you to stay with us in prayers so that such evangelizations can bring salvations to many.

HOPE 07:

On Friday and Saturday, 8th and 9th of Jun, on main square in Zenica, was held second in a road Christian rock concert HOPE 07. This year we again had Nathan W. Smith from USA and Fresh from Austria.

On Friday was not so many people due the rain (as it was on Saturday) but that was not breaking this outreach.

On Saturday came so many people and all was blessed through this concert. Many was excited when Nathan and Fresh played.

But that was not all. Since concert was not organized just because of music but for preaching of salvation too, brother Andreas Kisslinger (CMP) and Pastor Dario Kapin (Biblical Protestant Church in Zenica) preached the Word of God.

Many listened, was touched, got New Testaments, talked with us and said would like to come to church. That's what we prayed and believed Lord Jesus want us to do.

We continued with playing in Bussiness club 072.

Day after, on Sunday, on our church service ther was new people and two of them gave their lives to Jesus Christ.

Continue to pray for things that will happen here for we believe that God has good plans for this city, country and all people who lives here.

HOPE 08:

Finally, we have finished video from this summer event - HOPE 08. That was a third in a row Christian outreach on streets of Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, a town that is 80% Muslim. To be honest, my older daughter Rut helped me to use all this "Movie makers" programs so we can present you a little bit what happened here.

We want to thank all of you who have been praying for this event and us as church, and we want you to know that we are praying for you daily.

Let's do everything that God want us to do in order to share His Kingdom all over the world.

May blessing of Jesus be upon all of you.

With love,

Dario Kapin Ministries (Biblical Protestant Church - Zenica)

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