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Pinqstory Private Limited|India

provides hygiene essentials like premium, soft, cotton feel Sanitary Pads or napkins, Panty Liners and Pee on the Go for female.

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Why are sanitary pads important for women in menstruation?

Jun 23, 2019

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The basic analysis of the portrayal of the women who are menstruating, in the present scenario of menstrual products depicts a very deep and thoughtful shift in the meaning of hygiene of women over the last few years. The feminine hygiene products like sanitary pads (which are also known as sanitary napkins online), panty liners are used by females as personal care products used when they are experiencing menstruation, vaginal discharge. These products can be either used or disposable.

A sanitary napkin or a sanitary pads or a menstrual pad is an absorbent item used by females while they are menstruating, or bleeding after giving birth to a child, if she is recovering from a gynecological surgery or if she is experiencing a miscarriage or abortion. These pads are packed and wrapped so that they are easy to carry and use. These period pads help the women to maintain their hygiene. There are many brands available in the market like Stayfree, Kotex, Sofy which manufacture the menstrual napkin or sanitary pads but PINQ is the best brand in the market. The companies are coming up with new advances every day to upgrade the quality of these pads so that women have maximum comfort while using them.

A panty liner pads are also an absorbent item used for female hygiene. It is also known as a panty shield or vaginal cover. It is basically used to absorb any vaginal discharge or for a light menstrual flow. They are same as that of sanitary pads as far as their manufacturing is considered but they are much thinner and narrow than the sanitary napkins which make them easy to carry and to use for everyday cleanliness Many panty liner brands like Vclass, Bella, Pinq are trying their best to develop good products and with different sizes so that they could be used with ease.