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Which is the most resistant parquet? Wooden floors with greater resistance

Oct 15, 2019

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When we decide to buy Massivholzbalken, we must take into account the characteristics of the different types of wood. Each essence, in fact, has different technical data that can vary a lot. 

Not all trees are the same and not all the wood we get from them is always adequate for the situation. Therefore, before deciding definitively, we must evaluate factors such as strength and stability as well as all other physical and mechanical properties.
Within this article, we will try to go into specifics and to draw up a list of the most resistant types of Bambus Arbeitsplatten, suitable therefore to withstand heavy furniture, scratches and anything else without particularly damaging it.

Premises on resistance:

For resistance, when it comes to parquet, we can understand many things. We can have resistance to impacts, scratches or that intended as hardness. By hardness of an essence, we mean its ability to resist penetration. Resistance, therefore, depends on several factors and is not so easily measurable.

It also depends on the thickness of each individual parquet element. The thinner it will be the less the surface will be resistant. On the other hand, it is a very thick parquet that cannot always be used, especially if we want to cover an old floor. 

In addition to this, some thicknesses are recommended only for commercial activities subject to intensive trampling, while for domestic parquet it is not necessary to opt for the maximum thickness.

The types of wooden floors with greater resistance to shocks and scratches:

Now let's get to the heart of the matter by analyzing the individual essences one by one. As for the resistance to scratches and shocks, an aspect not to be underestimated, there are some that suffer in a lesser way events such as moving furniture or falling heavy objects.

Bambus Fassadenelemente is a very particular essence and in vogue in the last period. Although the wood is extracted and worked from a plant and not from a tree, it is still considered parquet in all respects. 

It has excellent mechanical characteristics, so as to be called "natural steel". It's scratch resistance is superior to all other types of parquet. It is also environmentally friendly and extremely easy to clean. 

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