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How to heat the water in a pool?

Jun 07, 2019

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Since you have a pool installed in your home and in your business, why not take advantage of it throughout the year? You would think: who will want to bath in it in winter with temperatures that can rub or be below zero degrees? You can also have the water in your pool hot thanks to Pentair Pool Heater.
Imagine the satisfaction of being able to relax in your private pool in the middle of winter with hot water. Or get more revenue from your facilities and your pool by offering your service to your customers also during the coldest months of the year. You can do it thanks to Hayward Induced Draft Pool Heater.
Now the question is which to choose? Everything will depend on the needs you have, your geographical location, your electrical installation or your budget.
Hayward Propane Pool Heater:
Hayward Propane Pool Heater is one of the best products for your swimming pool. No doubt this is the most common option for those who want to have a pool with more usability throughout the year. Hayward Millivolt Pool Heater is placed on the filtration circuit of the pool getting the temperature of the pool rise and remains uniform for about 5 days continuously. While the thermostat what it does is ensure the regulation of temperature.
 There is no need for large works to install an electric heater for swimming pools, although it is true that at the electric billing level it can cause some surprise, so it is recommended to use the heaters in the time zones where there is a decrease in the economic rate.
 Gas heaters for swimming pools:
 The gas heaters in swimming pools practically work like an electric heater but it is true that they are somewhat more expensive although they offer a lower utilization cost than electric boilers. They work, let’s say, like the classic boilers of a lifetime.
Gas heaters are recommended in the case that we want hot water in the pool in a timely manner as short stays or weekends and the cost of use is quite low, not the installation that is more prominent.
What are heat pumps for swimming pools?
Hayward Pool Heater is the best option to heat the water of the pool is by heat pumps that what they do is capture the heat of the air and transmit it to the pool water. The rise in temperature of the pool is 2 to 5 days with continuous filtration. Its installation is simple: to the water circuit and to the electric current.