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Some most important tips for your every day Laundry

Jun 15, 2019

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Powerful soaps, stain removers, and modern machines help in the task of cleaning the clothes, but allies can become enemies if we do not know how to deal with them. Here are some tips from liox cleaners for the same.

Get Organize:

Install dirty bins or laundry baskets in bathrooms or dirty laundry bags in cabinets. Separate undergarments and wash them in mesh bags or inside old pillowcases. Handles and collars of shirts that accumulate dirt easily should be pre-washed by hand before going to the washing machine.

Do not exceed the total capacity of the machine. Excessive wear leads to fabric fading and wear. Do not wash synthetic or mixed fabric items with cotton or linen. The friction between these tissues causes the formation of balls.

Wool clothing should be washed separately and in cold water. Never use bleach or bleach in coloured clothing, regardless of fabric type. Wool, silk, leather, polyurethane or lycra should never be washed with bleach, even white ones.

Small parts should be washed inside their own pillowcases or bags.

Remove stains before washing:

At the time of washing, Do not use excess soap and softener. When using any cleaning product other than soap and fabric softener, test the colour resistance in a small area before applying the product to the fabric.

Wash dark clothing with mild soap (such as coconut). Do not soak clothes for a long time to avoid losing the brightness of the colours.

For parts with contrasting colours, add salt in the last rinse and extract as much water as possible after washing. Put the most delicate clothes on a pillowcase and close with plastic wires is suggested by liox cleaners.

Extend clothing as fast as possible so it will not stain:

Avoid washing and drying comforters and mattress covers on home machines, so as not to wear the fabric and fade the localized colours. In addition, the blanket that stuffs these articles always loses volume after being washed and dried.

Washes can be limited to one or two sessions per week. Put a spoonful of baking soda in the rinse water to make it cleaner. When handling these items, avoid using watches, bracelets, rings or any clothing that could damage the product. When placing your towel inside the machine or mixing it with other clothing, make sure there are no hard objects or protrusions that can pull the threads.