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Rent a boat in Greece to explore the Dodecanese

Oct 07, 2019

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Ever thought of hiring a catamaran in Greek island cruises? It would be perfect for a cruise along the Dodecanese islands.

An archipelago composed of about 163 islands and islets, of which only 28 are inhabited. The Dodecanese is the undisputed protagonist of exclusive cruises.

Let your motor yacht charter in Greece take you from one wonder to another: it will be an unforgettable journey.

Among the many starting bases of the archipelago, you can opt for boat rentals in Rhodes and give yourself quiet navigation along its coasts: a particularly verdant island, which still contains the history of the ancient civilizations that followed it.

Alternatively, you will find boats available in the beautiful Kos, characterized by different archaeological sites and surrounded by large beaches, and in the northern Samos, where the rhythms run more smoothly and quietly.

Boat rental in Greece: the wonders of the Ionian Sea:

The Ionian Sea bathes the Greek coast from Corfu to Zakynthos, and among mountains, green islands, and splendid inlets accessible only by boat, the perfect setting for an exclusive cruise is created.

The archipelago of the Ionian Islands is characterized by some of the largest and most famous islands of Greece, among which Kefalonia, Paxos, and Ithaca stand out, followed by Prevesa and splendid sailing cruises in Lefkada, one of the most loved by boaters.

Regarding the climate that characterizes these islands, if winter welcomes with a damp Scirocco that can blow strongly from the North-East, during the spring it begins to decrease, preparing the arrival of a perfect summer subjected mainly to gentle breezes that sweep off the heat.

Crete, the southernmost of all, must be added to the list of must-see stops of a cruise in Greece by yacht charter.

Yacht charter Mykonos will be the perfect choice not to lose an inch of the thousand beauties that dot the coast: from the beautiful natural landscapes to the wildest areas, followed by stretches of white sand and small bays hidden among the rocks.

At this point, there is no doubt, with the boat rental in Greece you will be able to discover all the natural beauty of this country, and from its splendid islands to the adventure retracing ancient routes protagonists of myths and legends.

If you do not have a boat license or simply want to dedicate yourself to absolute relaxation, choose a boat rental in Greece with a skipper and let yourself be led to the most beautiful and remote places in the country.