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How does a pool heater work?

Oct 12, 2019

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Swimming pools require the use of water at temperatures between 25 and 29 ° C to which the efficiency of the panels is in any case high.

In fact, in these systems it is the same water as the tank that will be conveyed, through a special by-pass, inside the panels before returning to the pool, thus obtaining free heat from the sun's rays.

On simple systems, circulation in high flow and low-pressure panels is guaranteed by the pool's circulation pump itself. In more important plants a dedicated pump with more sophisticated regulation systems is installed.

In these systems the dedicated Pentair Variable Speed Pump allows the water to circulate in the circuit of the panels regardless of the pool filtration, the motorized three-way valve directs the water to the panel or directly to the pool depending on the temperatures measured insignificant points, according to the indications of the electronic control unit that receives and re-elaborates the signals coming from different sensors placed inside the system.

For heating water in swimming pools, non-glazed panels are normally used since the prevalent use in the hot season compensates for the lower performance of these panels compared to the greenhouse or combined glazed panels.

The advantages deriving from their use are the low installation costs and the good performance provided in these conditions. For pool uses extended to winter periods, it is preferable to use glass panels with greater efficiency and efficiency.

In this case, in addition to the higher cost of the panels, it is also necessary to take into account a heat exchanger that transmits the heat from the primary circuit of the panel (independent of that of the pool water) to the secondary circuit (pool filtration system).
In both cases, the construction of storage tanks is not necessary.

To maximize efficiency, and if the pool is not used every day, it is advisable to keep the pool covered to avoid heat transfer during the night. The best option is to use Hayward Aboveground Pool Heater.

Additional tip - Installation of heating panels for a pool:

To maximize efficiency, the panel must face south with a tolerance of ± 10 °, while its inclination must take into account the latitude of the location in which it is installed.

This angle is approximately 40-45 ° concerning the horizontal plane. Minor inclinations produce a higher yield in the summer season recommended for heating the summer pools while a more vertical installation facilitates production during the winter months.

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