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Cancellation of criminal records: How to do it?

Oct 24, 2019

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In Pardons.org, we know that the remove a criminal record Canada is one of the most common procedures for those people who, after serving their corresponding sentence, wish to leave behind that difficult moment of their lives. 

If you are traveling to the USA with criminal recordsthen you will surely need the help of criminal record pardons Canada. 
We will try to answer the main questions on this issue, here in the following.

Criminal record and police record:

The police records are those that appear in the database of the State Security - files of the General Directorate of the Police and the General Directorate of the Civil Guard).

They are due to any intervention of the Security Forces and Bodies as a result of criminal or administrative acts. These facts don't need to give rise to judicial proceedings. For example, simple detention generates police records, but not criminal records. At Pardons Canada, Police records can also be canceled. 

Police records:

As we can see, police records are data that we can access and once they have completed their mission for purposes of investigation they should be eliminated. However, the cancellation of police records may not be ex-office due to the huge amount of data that enters the files every day, it is always a good idea to check the status of these files.

Cancellation of criminal records:

Before entering into matters regarding removing criminal offenses in Canada, it is convenient to understand what the criminal record is and how it should be understood at the legal level.

What are criminal records?

On the other hand, criminal records arise from a conviction. That is, after a criminal proceeding, it has ended the ruling on a conviction. Once the sentence becomes firm, these records are recorded in the Ministry of Justice Canada, where they are duly registered.

Said information facilitates access to public bodies to information such as the name and surname of the convicted person, the crime committed, the degree of participation, the date of conviction according to the sentence and other information related to the compliance of the prison. 

These data are specially protected by the data protection regulations and access is limited to the convicted person and certain organizations. Therefore, the cancellation of a criminal record may seem like a complicated procedure, due to its level of protection. And therefore you need the best criminal record removal services like pardons.