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Frequently asked question while sailing Greek islands – Important things to know

Oct 30, 2019

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If you are planning for sailing Greek islands, certain questions will come in your mind. So here we have prepared some of the questions and answers for you.

Is it necessary to know how to swim?

No, it is not essential to know how to swim on Greek island cruises but you should not be afraid of the water, know where your personal life jacket is and wear it if you do not feel safe or if it asks you to do so the commander, when for example you go down to earth using the dinghy It is good to inform the captain of this aspect.

Is a short cruise of 2- 3 days, a weekend, better before venturing into a week's holiday on a boat?

If you want to get into the real rhythm of the yacht charter, we recommend taking at least a week of cruising, to have time to adapt to the life on board which is far from the one we all live on the ground and to enjoy all the benefits. The weekend on the motor yacht charter is also very interesting but it does not allow you to take off the 'toxins' of everyday life.

Can I use sunscreen?

Protection is necessary on the luxury motor yacht charter Greece, because it is continuously exposed to sunlight. Outside the spaces on the deck of a catamaran allow you to comfortably relax and sunbathe for 10 people while the large awning allows you to make wonderful siestas in the shade. 

Carefully avoid the greasy and slippery suntan oil, and also the creams must be carefully placed, it is important to remember for safety, that a cream on the fiberglass means safe slipping. Therefore, until the cream has been absorbed, it is advisable to use a towel to lie down or sit.

I've never been on a sailboat and I can't do anything, can I sign up for catamarans rentals Greece?

Of course - To participate in a sailing cruise it is not necessary to have technical knowledge but only a lot of love for the sea and spirit of adaptation and desire to participate. 

The commander will know how to involve you in current maneuvers, if you want to lend a hand to participate in the most demanding maneuvers, as teams do in races, you will be involved in sailing.