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How to erase criminal records in the United States?

Oct 24, 2019

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It is possible to erase or seal a person's criminal record in the United States if a series of requirements are met.

This article explains what the erasure of the criminal is and what the basic requirements are. 

What is the erasure of criminal records in the United States?

As a general rule, the removal of the criminal record is the equivalent of its disappearance, that is as if it never existed. That is, if it is obtained, the police and other authorities will be informed that this record must be se aled and no one can have access to it.

However, it is essential to note that at this point each state that makes up the United States follows its laws and in some of them there is always a record of the record.

That is, the record does not disappear. What happens is that it is only taken into account if the person to whom the record was removed has another problem with the law. For example, judges or prisons may have that information.

The elimination of the record should not be confused with a criminal pardon, which can only be agreed by the President of the United States, the governor or a special Council of Forgiveness. 

In the latter case, there is a record, but it is not taken into account. On the other hand, in cases in which a person has been accused of a felony or offense but has been found innocent, it is possible to request a Certificate of Innocence.

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Requirements to request the deletion or elimination of the criminal record:

Each state regulates its requirements, so it is necessary to verify the law of the state in which the prosecution and prosecution of the crime took place.

But as a general rule, it can be said that they are elements in favor of the deletion of the record when one or more of the following elements occur:

- If the person was under 18 at the time of committing the crime or offense.
- If it has already been a long time between the commission of the crime or offense and the moment of request to erase the record.
- If the crime or offense is not considered serious.

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