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Beniouarainoutlet - Your authentic online store for Berber tapijten

May 13, 2019

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Boujaad tapijt is one of the most beautiful carpets which you should keep in your home or office. Its legacy developed during generations. It is necessary to have a great mastery to make a handmade Beni Ourain tapijt by hand. The traditional technique passes from mothers to daughters for generations.

The decorative elements of each design are wonderful. Many tell a personal story, reflecting the life of the weaver.

The themes that adorn these carpets are varied: births, religious beliefs, rural life, femininity, nature, and fertility. The belief that they exercise as a barrier against evil spiritsstill survives. That is why symbols of amulets and tribal ceremonies often appear as part of decorative design.

How is an authentic Beni Ouarain carpet manufactured?

The particular process of creation begins with obtaining wool. For this, the sheep of the Moroccan mountains are sheared, from which the natural raw material is obtained.

Then proceed to wash the wool and scrub well, it contains natural oils that have to be removed before starting to weave.

Manual wool fabric:

In the process of Vintage Marokkaanse tapijten, the wool is spun by hand and the process transforms it. The wool fibers are twisted until obtaining a thread of the desired thickness that will be used for subsequent weaving processes.

The next step is to prepare the loom and the warp. When you buy a Marokkaanse tapijten te from us, we make sure it is made of 100% natural wool.

In this way, making one of these carpets requires countless days of work by several weavers. The process of spinning and weaving extends over several weeks, but the end result is a carpet that is worth it for its quality, beauty and high demand.

To ensure that Boucherouite tapijten reaches its maximum level of smoothness, they repeat the washing process two or three times, sometimes even more than three times. This way they guarantee that it arrives in perfect conditions to their clients.

And now is when the last step comes. They let each Beni Mguild tapijt dry in the sun in a natural way.

We have Beni Ourain Marokkaanse tapijten in a wide variety:

At beniouarainoutlet we have Marokkaanse Berber-tapijten comes in a wide variety of styles - from wool carpets without knots (on both sides) to the more special creations. These pieces are sometimes worth hundreds or thousands of dollars in the carpet markets of Marrakech, Fez or abroad.

If you are looking to buy the best and authentic Beni Ouarain kopen, do not miss to visit our site https://www.beniouarainoutlet.com/. We sell only 100% authentic and pure Marokkaanse wollen tapijten.