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What are the advantages of LED pool lights?

Jul 01, 2019

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Ocean Blue Jet Light Colour Burst LED with LED technology represent the latest generation in pool lighting systems and, little by little, they are replacing the classic halogen lamps, which have many advantages.
Therefore, the transition from the old halogen bulbs to the new ones with LED technology is something to be taken into consideration since no change is needed in the existing electrical installation, which includes the transformers, which can be maintained.
Advantages of pool lights with LEDs compared to halogen bulbs:
•    Longer life: The durability of LED Pool Light is one of the most remarkable features. The LED bulbs used in the lighting of swimming pools last much longer than the more conventional halogen bulbs, surpassing them in a ratio of 25/1. Some LED bulbs have a duration of up to 50,000 hours.
•    Low voltage, which means that LED is much safer than incandescent pool lights.
•    The Spa Lights do not emit heat, which avoids the risk of burning in case of lack of cooling.
•    The LED lights are brighter because they have a reflector design and a higher lens geometry, which increases the intensity and color effects at the bottom of the pool. However, do not think that because a focus contains more LEDs, its light is necessarily brighter. It also depends on its efficiency in the use of energy.
•    The electrical consumption is 5 to 20 times lower than that of halogen.
•    The LED bulbs are switched off gradually at the end of their useful life while the halogen bulbs, on the other hand, suddenly turn off leaving the pool without lighting without warning.
•    A diode is not affected by the switching. We can turn the lights on and off as often as we need.
•    Pentair AmerLite Pool Light is environmentally friendly: unlike a conventional bulb, the LEDs contain neither tungsten nor tungsten. Neither mercury like fluorescent tubes, nor heavy metals or derivatives so they can be destroyed without problems. On the other hand, they do not emit ultraviolet radiation and with less heat dissipation, they contribute positively to energy saving and to improve the planet.
•    Small size, in the order of millimeters, which allows adjusting to a wide range of applications.
•    The light of a diode is always directed, which reduces light pollution. Quality Carvin Starbright White Pool Light illuminates much more evenly than halogen lights and travel farther through the water.