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Choose the right elective party for the Kogi state

Jul 04, 2019

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When we are discussing countries welfare and about betterment, it is important for the citizen to choose the right political party who can establish their rule and policies making a whole new government.

Here when the elections are near and you are up to selecting your right candidate in the election, you must look at the work done by Wole Aguda and his political party. They have been working very hard to live up to local's expectations. There are various programs and events carried out by them which have been regularly organized by their political leaders which have given a lot to the local's.

The establishment of this great party:

The leader Wole Aguda Kogi has acquired a great place in the establishment of the party. His voice has always stood up for performing many good causes beneficial for the people.

He was the one who took accountability of Kogi state and Kogi governor election. He came with many development programs regarding it. He has is upbringing done in the Takete-Ide at Mopamuro. His intention on running the governorship of this confluence state is clearly seen in his work.

As he is qualified with some great and high standard degrees, he has brought a lot of urban change in the state as well as its government. The solutions and drives carried out by his party are always carried out after taking people's opinion.

His agenda and goal of making the country and its state more solid in all sectors inappreciable. Even the economy of the state has been improved in a much better way then what it was before. His vision and thinking bring a new concept and urban changes for the Kogi State by taking the authority and by being Wole Governor of Kogi State.

Why vote for Aguda?

The reason for this is to think only about Kogi states development and welfare. The party of Aguda is only interested to develop the state to uplift it on a great level by sponsoring and organizing many welfare programs after the Kogi governor movement.

There are many programs like Capacity building and institutional reforms, Development plan with sustainable measures, Innovative programs, Poverty Alleviation Intervention, and programs, etc. These all only work on the development of the state. Vote for Wole Aguda and see how the urban changes make the Kogi state a better place to live for all the people out there in different cities.