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Traveling with a criminal record to the United States can be a great challenge

Oct 24, 2019

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Traveling with a criminal record to the United States can be a great challenge but all the challenges and obstacles can be overcome with the process of Pardon Applications of Canada. The United States is one of the main destinations for many of us, whether for work or pleasure one could say that the United States is a must stop at least once in a lifetime.

Criminal record and American visa:

They are words that do not go hand in hand and we must bear in mind that many people have made bad decisions throughout their lives, the important thing in this life is to learn from our mistakes to be better people. Unfortunately, some people who have a criminal record may have trouble obtaining their visas. Here is a series of data that can guide you if you have a criminal record.

Can you travel with a criminal record to the United States?

The answer is Yes! but to understand this answer you have to dissect it a bit. In the case of having a criminal record if you can enter the United States, but you must obtain a visa to the United States or an ESTA.

If I have a criminal record, can I get a visa?

The answer again is Yes! Keep in mind that much of this process also depends on the type of criminal history and record suspension Canada.

Whether a visa is granted depends entirely on your criminal history. Probably some of these criminal records would not imply that your visa application was rejected: Assault, Breaking, Driving while intoxicated among other misdemeanors. 

What happens if I want to process my visa but have a criminal record?

Depending on your country of origin you will have to apply for a Visa or an ESTA, the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization). ESTA is a permit that allows you to travel to the United States for 90 days or approximately 3 months, these days are not extendable for business, traffic or tourism. 

You have to keep in mind that to have a visa or an ESTA you have to go through a rigorous process and the first step is to fill out a series of questions and forms online. If you have any confusion, you can take the help of Canada Pardon.

If you want to remove your criminal records easily, you can get in touch with pardons.org. We offer an easy US waiver Application process.