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Trips to Costa Rica - Tamarindo diving

Oct 25, 2019

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Many dives get place facing located little rocks and islands. At these areas, you can find cleaning stations to which hammerhead colleges frequently come. Currently, number night dives are increasingly being done in Cocos Island. Big shoals of fish, mainly spiny mackerels, barracudas and large fish such as for instance soft sharks, Galapagos sharks, silvertip sharks, manta rays, whale sharks, sailfish, dolphins, and whales can be seen on almost all tours. Turtles, several moray eels and lobsters are always present. The rocks are little overgrown, corals and sponges are almost nonexistent.

Catalina and Bat Area in northwestern Costa Rica have beautiful leap websites, with bull sharks, manta and eagle rays along with large colleges of buffalo and manta ray. Cañe Area is located about 15 kilometers off the SW coast of the country. In 1976, a character arrange was established. Round the island you can find great leap websites, encounters with hammerhead, nurse, bright and blacktip reef sharks, swarms of mackerel, tuna and barracudas are always possible, but manta rays, turtles and eagle rays may also be common. Drake Bay is an excellent place to spot humpback whales, whales from the Arctic come here from late January to early Might, and whales from Antarctica from late September to early November.

You want to leap right into a vibrant world and only hear your air? Costa Rica is predestined for memorable fishing and surfing trips. Our professionals can tell you probably the most beautiful areas to discover the marine world of Costa Rica. The very best fishing in Costa Rica is offered on the Pacific area of the country. The dive center Tamarindo doesn't offer the biodiversity of exotic seas but impresses with their large fish wealth and the encounters with major fish. If you're not licensed with fishing, do not fear! Get yourself a take to leap with PADI dive instructor and appreciate your vacation!

PADI keeps the greatest common of Scuba Diving and certification. Learn that Padi diving course in your vacation, that is an essential Start Water leap course. Trips to Costa Rica is possible all year round, the very best time is from December to May. On Cocos Area, fishing is excellent all year round, as there's number conspicuous dry or wet season. The water temperatures are between 23 ° D and 28 ° C. Cocos Area presents alongside Galapagos and Malpelo probably the most famous and magnificent leap websites on earth with a sizable fish guarantee.