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5 highlights of laser engraving at Hamilton-rand

Oct 25, 2019

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The laser is a device that generates light through the stimulated emission of radiation. Nowadays, it is used in many areas, including cutting and engraving of materials. Laser engraving is a method of fixing an image on a hard surface (stone, glass, metal or wood) using a concentrated laser.

Today we explain 5 highlights of laser engraving that make it a method to fix a hard surface (such as metal, glass, stone or wood) with multiple advantages.

1. Precision: Laser-cut stencils allow you to produce images with complex, clear and sharp details.

This engraving technique allows you to produce several identical images simultaneously, at the same time and with the same amount of energy.

2. Simultaneity: This technique of electric branding iron allows us to simultaneously record several identical images. In Hamilton-rand.co.uk, we will offer you the same result at the same time if what you want is to make several engravings of the same image.

3. Speed: In the method of London electric branding iron, the laser devices operate at a very high speed, so the engraving process is very efficient and productive.

Our laser devices for image engraving work at maximum speed thus increasing the efficiency and productivity of the process.
4. Profitability: Electrical branding iron machines, despite having a higher price than those of manual engraving, are damaged less frequently and their duration is usually longer, which makes them very profitable.

5. Consistency: The variability between pieces that are recorded at the same time is reduced since multiple identical images can be produced.

By being able to program to produce multiple identical images, the variability between parts manufactured simultaneously is reduced.
Some of the applications of laser engraving are: Customization of awards and trophies, merchandising, identification of components with bar codes and serial numbers, manufacture of stamps, floor stencils, design of packaging, marking and engraving of jewelry and costume jewelry pieces, lettering and advertising or engravings for smartphones, laptops, pen drives, etc.

Although the price of industrial engraving machines is significantly higher than that of manual engraving tools, the former offers greater profitability than the latter. Since they have to be replaced less frequently and are less subject to possible damage.

In Hamilton-rand.co.usm we specialize in laser, wood branding iron, labeling, a custom branding iron, and screen printing, and we have years of experience in the area of ​​graphic arts. Call us and ask for a no-obligation quote.