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Electric heaters for swimming pools and enjoy it throughout the year

Jun 19, 2019

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Your pool is not only made for summer, but you can also get more use throughout the year and challenge the ambient temperature. How? With an Electric Pool Heater for a swimming pool is an excellent way to heat water more quickly and efficiently.
One of the great advantages of Raypak Electronic Heater for swimming pools is their usability, which is that they are devices that in addition to fulfilling their goal perfectly can be placed by oneself without the need for technicians in record time. Easy to install, they are placed in the filtration circuit and you can enjoy hot pool water whether it is inside or outside and even in the fashionable Spas.
K-Star Electric Heater has become a quick way to have a heated pool, although it is convenient to monitor the time of ignition of the same so that it does not increase the receipt of light at maximum limits. Once the water is hot, it is preferable to turn off the heater and save energy.
In general, an electric heater heats the water in a similar way to an electric water heater in our house. To understand us: the water at room temperature, leaves at point A, runs through the resistance and leaves hot at a point B. Also once it has reached the temperature marked on the thermostat, the electric heater is cut off.
What to keep in mind when buying an electric heater?
As you can see in our online store, there are many Electric Salt Water Pool Heaters for swimming pools with different characteristics: the power, the material with which they are made, the shape and dimensions, type of fixing, different thermostats, number of resistances.
These electric heaters serve in the same way for an outdoor swimming pool to take advantage of in the coldest seasons of the year, as for indoor pools, both private and public and also for removable pools, demonstrating great versatility in its use.
Most often have a mechanical thermostat, with a power that can reach 12 kW, hydraulic connection, power single-phase (230 V) or three-phase (400 V), are European-made and adapt to the filtration of the pools outside of the soil. They can also heat a volume of water of up to 80 cubic meters, almost nothing.
In torontopoolspplies.ca, we are leaders in providing solutions for your pool. We have a wide range of Hayward Aboveground Pool Heater from the sale of pools in them to all kinds of devices and accessories so that they work normally and you can enjoy the benefits of having a pool. Contact us for more details.