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A sailing trip in Greece is a perfect way to expand your horizons

Feb 25, 2020

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Do you know that a sailing trip to Greece is a perfect way to expand your horizons? If you are planning for the Mykonos yacht charterhere are some tips on how to rent a boat.

First of all, you need to decide if you want a "bareboat" boat, with a captain or manned.Unmanned boat rental simply means renting a yacht charter and sailing on your own. 

This can be done only if you have a valid employer license in the country where you rent a boat. This option guarantees you the freedom to navigate because you can choose the route and pace that suits you.

If you do not have the necessary documents to handle the Yacht charter yourself, choose a skipper. This means that your charter navigation company will provide you with a captain who will handle the navigation and help you decide the route that, of course, can be adapted to your needs. 

Captains usually have enough local knowledge to provide you with some "trade secrets" and act as a kind of tourist guide on your sailing trip. This type of boat rental is the perfect one if you want to get comfortable, relax and let someone else do all the work and take responsibility.

The third option at your disposal is the rental of a manned boat. The name says it all - you get a rented boat and the crew, consisting of a professional captain, a chef, hostesses, and sailors. 

The number of crew members depends on the size of the boat and the luxury it offers. Keep in mind that the rental with crew usually has a lot of additional equipment, such as jet skis or water ski boats.

After deciding who will allow you to steer the helm during your sailing trip, you must decide on other factors, such as the number of cabins or berths required, the brand and model of the yacht, the age of the boat and its navigation capabilities. 

You can also choose the Catamaran charter if you want a speed-oriented boat or a more relaxed pace.

The age of yachts is a very important factor. Ships manufactured in the last 6 years are generally considered of adequate age for rent. Older people should be rented only through reliable charter companies. Before choosing rental boats, get some information about the transparency of the charter company and its reputation, in order to avoid renting an old and unsafe boat.