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Pentair Globrite Color LED Lights - The best Brightness & Optics

Aug 22, 2019

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From a bright Pentair Globrite Color LED Lights, you may only need one to light the entire pool. The mood can be changed by a variety of settings. With RGB lights, not only does every occasion have its color, but every day you can choose a unique color.

Fiber optic is great for lighting artfully constructed pools. The fiber optic cables surround the entire pool and also highlight elements such as a waterfall. Pentair Globrite Underwater LED Light is cheaper, more durable and offer plenty of variety with numerous color options. For us, LED lamps are the means of choice for swimming pools.

Pool lighting:

With LED pool lighting, you convert your basin from conventional halogen spotlights to energy-saving and low-maintenance Pentair Globrite White LED Light System lighting.

Due to the low electricity costs and the rarer change of the pool headlights, the higher initial value pays off after a short time.

The UWS fit in common installation housings or can be planned for new buildings with optically special pool lighting.

Whether you use purely monochrome lights to replace your "old" 300W halogen spotlights or whether you want to bring color into your pool, is possible according to preferences.

With the RGB + warm white lights you can also combine this and let your pool lighting shine in the familiar warm shade of light and, if required or celebrations, also switch through different colors and modes.

Different possibilities of pool lighting:

You can use the LED technology different lighting and control options depending on the possibilities with:

Retrofitting the pool lighting is usually only possible with the 2-pin connection and you can choose between single- color bulbs or RGB color change with internal control or by the separate control unit and remote control.

New construction of the pool lighting can also be implemented with a multi-pole cable. If you use a 4, 5 or 6-pin power cable, you can access all externally controlled lights and have several advantages.

On the one hand, the Carvin Starbright Colour Pool Light is in sync because they are routed through a single control unit, in addition, you can control the pool lighting from the remote control to wall switches, app controls, and voice control.

By using controllers, you can also control your pool lighting with your smart home systems such as Philips Hue, Homee, Osram Lightify, IKEA Tradfri or Amazon Echo Plus.