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Pentair Intellibrite Colour LED Pool Light – the effective lights for your swimming pool

Aug 21, 2019

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The floating lights Pool Light System are effective and can be controlled by remote control. The small lights do not replace a whole lighting system, are in the dark but a helpful orientation and at pool parties a small highlight.

A complete LED system may seem expensive to buy. The fine color matching and the remote control make the new pool lights very comfortable and always provide plenty of variety.

Over the long term, however, pay off the longer life and lower operating costs - and the same number of times.

Bonus: LED vs. Glass fiber pool lights:

Another new type of pool lights is Pentair Intellibrite Colour LED Pool Light fiberglass. In the fiber optic systems, the actual luminous element is in a special device.

Fiber optic cables, which pass under a tap, direct the light into the pool. In contrast, with LED lights, the light is emitted directly into the water.

What is better for pools LED lights or fiber optic lights? Let's take a look at the costs, longevity, radiance, adjustment options, safety aspects and the maintenance effort.


Replacing LED bulbs is more complicated because you have to replace the bulbs here individually. With recessed pools, the process is exhausting, because you first have to remove the entire light and then replace the bulb. Fortunately, you do not need to drain the pool water.

In lighting for pools, Pentair Intellibrite Colour LED Spa Light often cannot be replaced individually, which means that you have to replace the entire unit every time there is a problem with the light bulb. You can avoid the higher costs by always using LED pool lights with replaceable bulbs.

Sta Rite Swimquip Pool Light us easy to maintain. The light bulb is located in a box outside the pool and can therefore be reached and replaced in a few minutes.


A fiber optic system is more expensive to buy. The fiber optic lights have an electric motor and a built-in radiator, this drives the cost and is the reason for the higher purchase price. In addition, the components may fail over time and require repairs.


The semiconductors built into the LED lights are very stable and work accordingly long. LEDs used in the pool can be expected to last 7 to 15 years. Thus, the LED lights survive almost all pool accessories.

The fiber optic system is a bit more sensitive. Maintenance is more frequent and with about 3 to 7 years, the expected life is also shorter.