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Navigating North Aegean in Greece with Yachting Greece

Nov 27, 2019

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If you are planning for Greece vacation with your family and/or friends in your next holidays, do not miss to take Yacht charter from all4yachting.com. 

North Aegean is less known and therefore with less pleasure boat traffic. Sithonia is famous among the Greeks because of its beaches. 

It is the central peninsula of the territory in the form of a trident located north of the country, near Thessaloniki. Alongside these peninsulas, there is another fascinating region to navigate, which stretches along the coast of Mount Athos. 

This town is one of the few territories on earth that are only inhabited by men because it is an enclave of the Greek Orthodox Church of great tradition and full of historical monasteries. 

The North Aegean is full of surprises with a large number of possible feasible navigation itineraries. Despite not leaving on the typical tourist routes, islands such as Thassos, Samothrace, and Lemnos have much to offer those who venture to explore them.

Navigating the Sporades Islands, including Skiathos and Alonnisos:

These less frequented islands have impressive places, nature reserves with protected species such as the monk seal, a green coast and villages with white houses and red roofs. And the best destination for your sailing with Motor yacht charter.

Here you can enjoy the contrast between the pine forests and the turquoise waters and the picturesque ports. It is full of spectacular places, which you can access with an experienced patron or even discover them for yourself. 

If you are qualified to steer a ship, you will enjoy navigating these islands as they are full of impressive places to go by Rent yacht. This is the place where Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan enjoyed shooting Mamma Mia. The navigation conditions are usually unbeatable, although they can be altered by the Meltemi summer wind, for the enjoyment of experienced sailors.

The Sporades offer a mix of sparsely populated or uninhabited islands. Green Coast Islands, with wonderful beaches and fantastic places to anchor. Highlights the white of the houses, the balconies full of flowers and the red roofs. The ports of this small archipelago, north of the Aegean Sea, are picturesque and welcoming.

Returning to navigation: Several interesting itineraries can be done in the area. This area offers relaxed navigation with a good dose of culture and beautiful nature. Navigation distances are short, which makes itineraries more interesting and varied.
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