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Nautical maps Greece - Luxury yacht charter

Nov 27, 2019

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If you are planning for Greece, we recommend visiting the Northern part with Catamaran charter Greece.

The northern part of Greece is less known among foreign visitors. This makes them less frequented navigation areas. Booking a cabin on a fast ferry to get to this part of Greece is an economical and relaxed way to get to the Dodecanese. 

However, it can also be accessed by a domestic flight from Athens, less than one hour long. Navigating these islands is a delight if you can bear the cost of a fast flight from Athens or you can afford to spend a day traveling with the ferry. 

In the area, there are fantastic ports that make you feel as if you had totally abandoned modern civilization. It also allows you to experience a variety of navigation conditions which is very good if you want a more active trip. 

Some islands have spectacular landscapes, such as Tilos that practically lacks any type of vegetation under the clear and sunny sky. Others, such as Nisiros, have fertile volcanic soil and spectacular cities perched on volcanic craters reminiscent of Santorini but without the accumulation of people. 

The contrast between the dry land, the blue, and crystalline waters, and the tiny villages along the coast make navigating this area a truly beautiful experience. Cos and Rhodes, which are usually the islands where boats are rented, have stunning beaches with lively and bustling cities if you're looking for some action. You can also hire the best and Luxury yacht charter and sailing through the Ionian Sea, including Corfu, Lefkada, Kefalonia, and Zante.

Sailing through the Ionian Sea, including Corfu, Lefkada, Kefalonia, and Zante:

The coast of the Ionian Sea is frankly impressive. Quiet bays with isolated taverns, crystal clear water coves and green landscapes, small harbors and many phenomenal places to anchor. It will be difficult for you to choose between the ranges of transparent colors, from bright turquoise to intense emerald green. 

This is the area where Onassis chose to buy his island. In fact, the distances between all the islets of the region and the peninsula are small, which makes it easy to jump from one island to another to enjoy different beaches or ports, as much as if you have rented Boat charter to take it on your own as if you've hired a pattern to navigate more relaxed. 

We have some good ideas to avoid the most tourist routes and we can guarantee green coasts and excellent conditions for navigation throughout the area. 

Explore Greece of your interest with the Nautical maps Greece by planning your sailing vacation.