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Does your child suffer cyberbullying? Know about the symptoms of cyberbullying

Nov 27, 2019

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The silence of the victim or other partners for fear of reprisals is undoubtedly the main obstacle to detect and stop cyberbullying, although several factors can help you identify it. Keep in mind these symptoms of cyberbullying to know if your child may be suffering from cyberbullying:

- Mood swings, inadequate answers or irascibility when asked about his day to day at school or when placed in front of the computer.
- The disappearance of the online world. Most children love to use their cell phones, connect to the Internet, talk about social networks. 
- Lack of interest, reluctance, sadness, need to be alone and not relate. Loss of friendships.
- Obsessed with consulting the Internet or social networks without the presence of parents or friends.
- Progressive abandonment of relationships in the real world, desire for isolation online and in the real world.
- Sadness after receiving a message or consulting their profiles on social networks.
- Cyber bullying has important effects on people who suffer from it: fear, sadness, low self-esteem, loss of social relationships, poor school performance, isolation, weight loss or encouragement to take care of themselves are just some examples of how cyberbullying affects children who suffer from it, which is why precautions and vigilance must be taken to detect it in time and know-how to act before cyberbullying.

How to act before Cyberbullying?

Ask for help: It may seem obvious advice, but communication is key to preventing cyberbullying and at certain ages, adolescence becomes complicated between parents and children. Despite this, educate your child so that cyber bullying prevention is a priority issue, whether it affects him or any of his classmates. You can also fight legally and for that, you should also know bullying laws.

Do not enter the game: Make it clear that in the face of any kind of provocative or hurtful comment on social networks, avoid responding or entering into discussions, especially when they take refuge in anonymity.

Always keep evidence: Very related to the previous advice is to take screenshots of the comments so that, if they are maintained, make the corresponding complaint and provide evidence that it has occurred.

Do not give information about what you do or who you are going with since this information can be used by a cyberbully to intimidate you. Check what is posted about you on Google or social networks to find out if someone is talking badly about you.

If you want to know about further bullying prevention tips, do not hesitate to visit our site and get in touch with us through cyberbullying.