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Know different types of Forex Signals

Nov 26, 2019

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Forex signals are in a class of own and are generated as a result of market analysis. In general terms, Forex signals can be classified into two categories:

Forex signals manuals:

These are generated through technical analysis and take into account previous price movements and market trends. The signal provider spends several hours in front of his computer and makes decisions based on the interpretation of trends and market analysis.

A human operator is capable of doing what computer programs and robots cannot do: detect uncomfortable and unpredictable movements in the market and in the outbound operations in a timely manner.

This is because human operators have the experience and skills that are not limited to the programmed settings and codes. They can use experience and observation to determine the profitability of an operation.

Automated Forex Signals:

These are generated by computer programs and trading robots. Experienced operators train automated systems to reach various market situations so that the system can generate Forex signals daily.

Therefore, operators who use these signals can be sure that the automated system will never get emotional while the signal is generated. Emotions often affect judgment, leading to wrong decisions. On the other hand, the lack of emotions leads to inflexibility and the inability to react to unforeseen market movements.

On the positive side, robots and automated systems are capable of working more than human traders. They can process large amounts of data and handle multiple currency pairs at the same time.

How to receive alerts about Forex trends?

There are different types of alerts, from price alerts to custom programs. Alerts about currency market trends can be obtained through the following methods:

Online trading platforms or online forex brokers:

Alert services are free or paid. Usually, online brokers offer free alert services. Independent alert services can offer paid services or a combination of paid and free services. Merchants can receive simple price alerts for free, but they may have to pay for alerts based on custom criteria.

Taking all this into account, we can say that the signals are within a system whose main objective is to predict the prices that Forex assets are going to present, for this, these types of systems are integrated into specific programs or software, to offer the best service to users and much more detailed information.

Mainly, these alerts are based on the technical analyzes carried out by financial experts, although there are also automatic programs that perform this work.

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