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What are the most common Gmail technical issues and how they can be fixed?

Gmail is a website that provides communication services to all the internet users around the globe, it helps the people in getting connected through emails and also other applications that are developed with a motive of providing communication facility to the users are standing on the foundation of this website.

As this is a website based on various updated advanced technologies, therefore, it happens sometimes that the user encounters some or the other technical error which further can cause huge loss to the user whoever gets into the error as nowadays people also use Gmail for business-related purposes. For help or support over any issue related to this call at Gmail Contact Number UK.

Here in this blog, we will discuss various technical issues that the Gmail users do face while using it and also that how one can solve those issues-

v  Password recovery – This is the most common of all the issues faced by a Gmail user as it is often seen that the user tends to forget the password and then loses access to his or her account but one can easily recover the forgotten password by following few easy steps log in your account , click on your picture go to my account under sign in & security  click sign in to Google then scroll down to account recovery option ensure that all 3 options recovery email, recovery phone, and security question  are filled out, with the help of these you will get back to your account.

v  Verification issues – In order to get your account verified see to it that your cell phone is under good network as you will be sent a verification code on your phone which you will further enter into field to get your account verified; you can also choose the calling option in order to receive the verification code.

v  Sync issues- in order to shoot these away update Gmail, restart the device, check connectivity, check settings, clear data from the application.

v  Missing emails, if in case you are not able to see a mail that was present in your mailbox earlier then you might have mistakenly moved it to trash or would have archived it the best way is to click on all mail option and each and every mail will be visible there. One can also type in the search box and find the mail.

If in case this blog doesn’t cover resolution of your issue you can directly get connected to the technicians at Gmail support number UK and get your issue resolved.


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