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JioChat App: Online Instant messaging app

Dec 14, 2017

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Download the top instant messaging application by reliance jio. the app is for reliance jio sim subscibers. When you are using jio sim or jio smartphone data network, then you are entering in the world of new era. you are going to enjoy the whole entertainment. such an amazing apps are there for you like jiotv, jio4gvoice, etc. one of the app is jio chat app for online messaging. It is an instant messaging android application also available to download and install on iOS platform also.


download and install jio chat app for experience new feel of chatting. reliance jio helps with their fastest network for carrying the messages you are sent got to the receiver in the faster way.

Jio Chat App: Instant messaging features

Get the latest version of jiochat app since the app is featured fully with the best ever functions. one of the another important feature of the app is that you will get the opportunity to play kbc play along. means you can play kone banega crorepathy game from the best tv channels in india with the jiochat app.

features of jiochat app>

jiochat app features:

Instant messaging: Instant messaging is the key feature of the jio chat app since within the second you have sent the text messages, images, audio file, pdf files whatever it is, your receiver will get the message body and can reply back

Jiochat allows you to sent stickers along with the messages. there are a lot of wide range of stickers available on the media storage of jiochat app. you can select the appropriate stickers that matches the real situation and can be send to your receiver.

there are tons of emojis are there for making the situation much more fun. you can select from a lot of emojis and then send over your friends and relatives.

App: Jiochat

Developer: Reliance jio communications private limited.

version: according to the devices

Lats update: november 20,2017.

 Download Now

now you have got the jiochat app for your android smartphone. you can use and play the KBL along with jiochat app and can be a millionair with the show.

download and install the app now itself.Cool