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Mi Drop - File Sharing Made Easy

Mar 23, 2019

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Xiaomi mi drop is the best file sharing app for the smartphone users in the market. While having the best ever features, it is just awesome than xender, shareit etc. The Mi drop is very easy to use, and this is the secure way to share and transfer the files between smartphones and personal computers. The best part of the app is, the file transfer in flash speed, and there is no issue, if you are trying to share any big files via mi drop app.


Source: google.com


Mi drop app works on the principle of creating a wifi surrounding between the devices and file sharing possible like lightning speed. You need to be get connected, your devices by the authentication so that the files can be transfer from the source to correct destination devices.


Mi Dro App Download

Just you have to download Mi drop app from the best sourec where the nulled files are away from the source code, and that will be safe to use in your devices. Because, if you are download the files from any un secure destination, there may be chance of getting the virus infected files. so be sure for that.

If you want to share the files of 3GB size, then bluetooth file sharing is very impossible, nope, possible, but may take long time to complete the transfer. But in Mi drop, you just need 3-5 minutes to complete the file transfer.


The one of the peculiarities of Mi drop app is it will transfer the files up to 200 times more faster than bluetooth. Very special for file sharing speed. so we need not to get bored, and the high quality movies files can be share within minutes to one another smartphone.