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Install Live Net tv app to get pocket tv on smartphone.

Sep 08, 2018

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Now the world has changed, The changes from in the mobile technology. From the 2G symbian to the android operating systems. Thus a lot of more featres , android apps etc have got much popular. Such type of the changes are android apps. Live streaming apps are the one of the best development. In the ancient days, you need to reach home and see in the Television to watch the favorite channels live with the help of dth services.


Now all has changed, and new technology and apps are eveolved. There are so many apps are available to watch the tv channels online live with the android smartphones. One of the best ever app from those category is the live nettv app which is used for many country users.

Live nettv app

Download Live nettv app and is one of the most widely used and much popular android app for watching the online live streaming of tv channels free. This app have more spicy features that are added advantage for the users. This app will have the more than 1000 channels online live with the smartphone. You need only one valid data pack and if you have 4G or 5G connection and that will be great to experience the noise free live streaming of tv channels online live with teh smartphone. You cannot get the iOS version of the live nettv app since the app available for the android users only.

This live tv channels streaming app gives you the channels from india, pakistan, malasia, singapore, uk, united states etc. This app have the live recording of the tv shows and can be download or save in the local memory so that you can enjoy the tv channels later.

I am sure you will be the big fan of the live net tv app so that this is the best ever fit app for you.

Features of Live net tv app

Live streaming channels from different languages.

Inbuilt video player for channels streaming

Live recording

play and pause option

can create wishlist channels

favorite channels list available.

channels from diffrent categories like sports, movies, music, devotional, kids, new, spiritual etc.

Download and install live net tv apk file and then enjoy the favorite channels online free now itself.