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What Gift for My Best Friend According To My Budget?

Oct 11, 2021

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No doubt, our best friend, we love her. But for each special occasion, it's the same story: we rack our brains to find THE gift that will make him so happy. The editorial team has selected for you the top gift ideas for her best friend, for all budgets!

Less Than 20 Euros

Who says small budget, does not say (at all) failed surprise. On the contrary, at less than 20 Euros, there are plenty of cute little accessories that will make your BFF crack for sure. The top birthday gifts for her best friend in our opinion? A beauty box! The Beautiful Box by aufeminin for example costs only € 15.90 (to get it, go here). Otherwise, personalized jewelry, small plant to grow, original mug, book ... your small budget leaves you a wide choice.

Less Than 50 Euros

Your budget remains reasonable, while leaving you with a wide choice of gifts. On the program: graphic decoration, a girly iPhone case, funky pajamas, a princess sweatshirt, gourmet macaroons and even a lipstick scent candle! We are sure he will like it all.

Finally, if your best friend is flirtatious and appreciates taking care of her, we can also offer her a well-being break with a pretty beauty box like "Fleur de Figuier" proposed by Roger & Gallet. We are sure that your friend will fall for this gourmet ritual: sweets for the bath, others to nourish her skin, not to mention the soothing scented Fresh Water Fleur de Figuier. An iconic fragrance of the House that will surely please him; just as much as the packaging which is reminiscent of the Belle Epoque and its fairgrounds, in particular with the small golden carousels adorning the box.


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Less Than 100 Euros

Who says generous budget, says luxurious gifts! Luxurious yes, but affordable all the same (let's stay within reason). Pompon fur ultra trendy, flower shows, perfume, makeup or even shoes or evening bag: your budget to less than 100 Euros, you will be very pleased to your best friend, there's no doubt!