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What is solar energy?

Dec 07, 2016

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Solar energy is the most efficient way to get the electricity from sun. This helps to reduce the electricity bill as well as it is also environment friendly.  That’s why most of the peoples opt for installation of solar systems.  Before installing it is beneficial to know something about the solar system and how to buy Battery Monitors.  Solar Panels and Omni Power Batteries are generally installed by professionals.  PV panels or Photovoltaic panels convert the light into the electrical energy.  Let’s have a look to some aspects related to solar energy.

The photoelectrical effect

Photoelectrical effect is a technology with the help of which PV solar panel and Trojan Batteries can easily generate electricity. There was a French physicist named Edmund Bequerel who introduced the photoelectrical effect on 1839. After so many researches he gets to know that somewhat electric current can be generated from various kinds of material only when they exposed into light. Recent PV panels are based on this principle. It is said that the PV solar panels were firstly examined in 1960 on space craft and with the time, the size of panels get smaller and they become cheap. In today’s world, anyone can easily afford the solar panel for the household use. 

What is solar cell?

These are such kind of devices provided by Bluesolar Controllers

Omni Power Batteries

 that are mainly used to generate electricity by extracting the sunlight and they are small in size. Solar panel is made from the combination of multiple cells attached together in a frame that will be able to generate large amount of electricity. Solar array is found with the combination of numerous panels attached together.   

What are the benefits?

There are various solar companies that take the responsibility for Hydro Controllers for those who want to install the system. There are so many people that are aware about the solar energy and seeking to install the system. There are few benefits of solar system. Some of them are given below:

  • Solar energy is the latest technology for energy production that reduced the chances to consume fossil fuel and other resources.
  • Solar energy is considered as free as the energy is produced with sunlight and that’s why there will be no limitation of consumption of the energy.
  • It is environment friendly and there is no harm using this energy. You can use Blue solar Controllers to get the most from this.

What is the working method of solar panel?

There are 2 very thin layers of silicon crystal which resides inside the solar cell and they are usually placed on top of other cells. The top layer is considered in such a way that its atoms become unsteady. But the bottom layer has atoms with some empty spaces that wait for electrons to come.  For easy understanding we can say that top layers is responsible to drop some electrons and bottom layers waits to receive some electron and all the electrons in the panel travelled from top to bottom. The whole setup and Battery Terminal Fuses is specially designed to generate the energy with sunlight.