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GHSM (Glorious Holy Spirit Ministries)

My living Redeemer.  Job ( 19:25)


First Page.

I dedicate my testimony to the God the Father who had chosen me in HIS Son and our Lord Jesus Christ before the foundations of this world (Eph 1:5) and who created everything out of nothing (Isaiah 44:24).Who had sent HIS only Son in to this world, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16).

Secondly to our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ who gave himself for our sins to rescue us from the present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father (Gal 1:4). HE died for us while we were still sinners (Rom 5:8).     Who was wounded for our transgressions, who was bruised for our guilt and iniquities; the chastisement [needful to obtain] peace and well-being for us was upon Him, and with the stripes [that wounded] Him we are healed and made whole (Isaiah 53:5).

Thirdly to Holy Spirit -the Spirit of truth who anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth with spirit and power (Acts 10:38) and performed mighty miracles through HIM. Who had played an essential role to convict my sins and leading me in the path of righteousness John (16:8, 13). Who poured out God’s love in our hearts? (Romans 5:5).

From the heart of the editor.

May I know the reason why you accepted Christianity being born in an Orthodox Hindu Brahmin community?  For eating Non – vegetarian or to get Reservation in Government Jobs or to get money from abroad. Why? These were all the questions posed by my own family members and all the people around me in the society.  People think that Christianity is a religion. But it is the only way to go to Heaven (John 14:6). Bible tells us that “Jesus Christ is the Lord of all” (Acts 10:36).HE is not a  God for particular community, caste  or race.Jesus Christ  purchased me with HIS precious blood you  for God   as a kingdom and priests to serve our God ( Rev 5:9,10.)At the same time people think that Christian people “convert “other people in to thy own religion for money. But it is completely different in my life. Bible clearly tells like this in. I John 1:1  that which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at and our hands have touched—this we proclaim concerning the Word of life. The author of this book John proclaiming what he had experienced in his own life. So I am also sharing my testimony what I had seen, what had happened in front of my eyes, How the word of Life given me new life. So, that after reading my testimony u will also get an idea about True and Living saviour i.e. about Jesus Christ WHO will transform the life’s of the sinners into HIS own image, but never convert any man. People around me think that someone changed my mind by doing hypnotism and converted me to Christianity. So, I am requesting you to change that attitude after reading my testimony and requesting you also to taste the love of True God in your life (Psalm 34:8) and have a fellowship with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ ( I John 1:3) which will take you to heaven.


Family and My childhood days:

I was born and brought up in an orthodox Hindu Brahmin Community where we never eat Non-Vegetarian and practicing our family customs and traditions strictly and richly. Our native place was Vijayawada, Krishna District, and Andhra Pradesh, India. In my childhood days I feel so much shy to speak with any persons freely because of the inferiority complex. Our family was living in an area where majority of them were Brahmins. So, I spent most of my  time  with my friends  who belonged to our own community and we have spent most of our time by  going to temples and grown up in that spiritual environment practicing our rituals and customs richly and strongly. I spent my school days i.e. my primary and secondary education in a school run by Brahmins. Every summer I am only the person in my family who was affected with dreadful disease Juandice every year severely.

Manifestation of the Lord’s power in my Education Period.

Our Lord had set the appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands. God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from any one of us (Acts 17:26, 27).According to above verse Lord chosen appointed time for me to know HIM is my education period .During my Intermediate days (10+2) my cousin -cousin sister possessed with evil spirit.We took our cousin sister to Hindu temples and Muslim dargas. But my cousin-cousin sister did not get redeemed from that evil spirit.One Christian family was staying near to my house.Once I went to their house and requested them to pray for sake of my cousin sister. On December 25th Christmas Eve they came to my cousin-cousin sisters house and just read the verse from Gospel of John 1:12 and prayed for sake of my cousin- cousin sister immediately she (My Cousin sister) go delivered from that evil spirit (Luke 8:2).After that my father fallen sick and was admitted in the hospital.Doctors told me that my father will not be recovered. At that time I went in to the house of the Christian family who prayed for sake of my cousin sister and requested them to pray for sake of my father. They prayed with tears and burden. My father’s health was restored because of thy prayers.Jesus Christ answered their prayers and given sound health to my father by HIS wounds (by his wounds we are healed. Isaiah 53:5).These are the two miraculous instances that happened in front of my eyes that laid a seed of faith to pray for HIM and opened the door of my heart to seek HIM more .After that I requested my mother that I am having desire to pray for Jesus Christ also. She told me that you have to practice our own religion faith and pray for HIM also. Every day I am doing poojas and started doing prayer for two minutes to our Lord Jesus Christ. At that time I do not know how to do prayer also. One day while I was in the prayer I uttered this prayer from my lips “Lord after praying for you I am getting desire to pray for you and follow you only. Since I born in a gentile community you give me an opportunity to born in your community in my next birth. So that I will worship you only. (You who answer prayer, to you all people will come Psalm 65:2) Lord answered my prayer and   given me an opportunity to become HIS child in this life only.

                                    I got an opportunity to pursue my higher studies after my (10+2) and went to Singarayakonda Mandal, Prakasam District, and Andhra Pradesh, India. Christian family who came to my house to pray given me a bible. Then i came to Singarayakonda .Total duration of my higher studies is four years. In my first and second years of my education period I wasted my precious time, by seeing cinemas, enjoying with my friends. Due to my negligence I was failed in my subjects and achieved less percentage in my first two years. In these two years I used to go to the church with my friend who is a Christian on some Sundays. In my third year, I was sitting in my room and thinking about my career .Since two years are completed .Only two years left. What will happen to my life after these 4 years? All negative thoughts are coming in to my mind. I was thinking about my career .Suddenly one of the pastor’s sons who accepted Christ from a Muslim community and doing the ministry came to my house and took me to his house. At that time, that family started prayer for sake of me. During that time Holy Spirit revealed the inner conscience of my heart. I got tears from my eyes and my heart was filled with Joy. At that time suddenly my mind was filled with one question, from my childhood I am practicing my faith what my ancestors had left to us and what my parents taught us to do. But that faith never revealed my inner conscience of my heart .Only Jesus Christ revealed my inner conscience. Lord who had performed miracles in the life’s of my cousin sister, father and same Lord who looks the heart of man (I Samuel 16:7) revealed inner conscience of my heart. At that moment deeper thought came in to my mind to know about Jesus Christ more and more.

      My parents came to know that I started going to church regularly on Sundays. Then they took me to one swami (Whom my parents believed more).Why they took me to that swami is if he put any kunkam powder to my fore head. I will stop believing in Jesus Christ. Forty members are sitting in that swami room. For thirty nine (39) members he put that kunkam powder. At last he called me and made me to sit in front of him. At that time I prayed to the lord Jesus Christ in my spirit and I am questioning lord in  my heart ( U performed extra-ordinary miracles in the life’s of my cousin sister and father and revealed my inner conscience) if u are a real saviour swami  should not touch me and put that kunkam powder for me. It was my inner prayer. Jesus Christ stopped that swami from not putting that kunkam powder to my fore head (No curse can touch Jacob; no magic has any power against Israel. Numbers 23:23.). Swami told my parents that he cannot able to put that kunkam powder to my fore head. This is the power of the Lord and miracle that happened in front of my eyes that opened my heart further most to know about HIM more and more. Swami told my parents since I can’t able to touch your son, he had given some lemons to keep it under my head whenever I fallen in too deep sleep. So, that I will stop going to church and practicing faith in Jesus Christ. After I fallen in too deep sleep coming from that swami house my mother put that lemons inside my pillow. But someone makes me to rise up from my sleep. I woke up from my bed and seen the lemons under my pillow. Even though I slept  My Lord  who watches over Israel  will neither slumber nor sleep  (Psalm 121:4) raised me up  from my bed and protected me from that power of swami which is there in that lemons. This incident is the major turning point in my life.

             In the third year of my education, I smoked cigars and drank one beer bottle. Immediately after the next day I was attacked with pimples fully on my back fully. I went to the pastor’s house where the lord had spoken and revealed about my inner conscience of my heart previously for healing prayer. When that pastor’s family started praying for me Holy Spirit spoken through them that u have committed mistake that is the reason why HE had given me the punishment. Jesus Christ who loved me, corrected me by giving punishment (Proverbs 3:12) showed my mistake. Suddenly another thought came in to my mind that why the faith that I was practicing from my child hood never showed my mistake that I committed at this moment. From that moment on wards I never get desire to smoke cigars and intention to take drink. If the Lord do not given me any punishment I will became a chain smoker or drinker. But I thank the lord Jesus who corrected me.

  One of our professors who taught lessons for us also belonged to the same vegetarian community started insulting me in my classroom for going to church on Sundays .He started insulting me and given me less marks in my internals .One day he came to my room and told me if you stop going to church on Sundays we will give you full marks in your internals. For three months he scolded me inside my fellow classmates and out Side College also. Once I got an opportunity to speak the seminar on my professor’s subject. For that seminar our principal will also attend. Before night I prayed at the feet of God earnestly for help.So on that particular day our college principal also attended. By Grace of our God I had spoken effectively. Before whom our professor started insulting and scolding me for going to church .Before them only principal scolded and insulted our professor. On the same evening our professor came to our room and told me here after I never insult or scold you. I will never give you less mark in your internals for believing in Jesus Christ. He asked me for forgiveness. Lord of Hosts was with me and given me a victory in that situation. When God is with us “Who will be against us”.Romans (8:31).

In the final year of my four years education according to our religious customs elder of the family being a male child I should undergo thread marriage. I told my parents that I was not interested to perform thread marriage. But forcily my parents and my relatives performed that thread marriage. At that time even though I had written well in my final year semester exam, I was failed in that exam. All my relatives told me that thread marriage is completed. Now u became a complete Brahmin. If u still believes in Jesus Christ your life will be completely spoiled, so stop believing in HIM , stop going to church and stand firmly on our ancestors faith only. This was their reply. One thought came in to my mind, even though I did not confessed my sins and taken baptism Lord performed miraculous signs in my life and I trusted lord only for my success in my exams. I prayed and written that exam again .First I got 37 marks and in my supplementary I secured 75 marks double .Lord remembered me Job 1st and 42 chapters. How Job received double fold blessings by standing firm in God. Lord never made my face down before my relatives.

I am having desire to serve my country India by joining in the armed forces or by joining in respective state police department. It was my child hood desire. I filled the application for the position of “Flying Officer” in Indian Air force and before sending that application for the concerned department i went to the pastor’s house from whom lord had laid a Good-Foundation to seek HIM in my heart. At that time they prayed and Holy Spirit spoken through the   Pastor’s wife and told me that this is not the will of the God in my life. To do HIS ministry is only HIS will in my life. She told me straightforwardly with the help of the Holy Spirit. I felt discouraged at that moment and came out of their house quietly. Even though I applied for positions in Indian Airforce.I did not get at least one call letter for an Interview. Even though I got the call letters from Indian Army I never got a time to go for Interviews. My plans regarding my life are different at the same time HIS plans are different towards my life. U will see in the later part of my life how HIS plans got fulfilled in my life. Isaiah 55:8 (“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD.)

 By HIS everlasting and abundant grace I had completed my four years education. And i just joined in one academy to pursue course for my job purpose. At the end of the course before the examination day our faculty gave the question paper for tomorrow’s exam. They were 20 students in our batch. At that time one of my friends came to me and requested me to take that question paper. My friend told me if you do not take question paper we all will secure high marks and u will secure less marks. I told him even though I secure less marks no problem I will never take that question paper. I prayed to our God Jesus and written that exam. When the results came I was the first person who secured high marks in that institute who had written the exam without seeing the question paper? This miracle increased my faith in our God .Righteous man will be flourished (Psalm 92:12).

Till now Lord manifested HIS mighty power in the different stages of my life to increase my faith in HIM by performing miracles, signs and  wonders even though I did not taken baptism, but having the longingness in my heart to know HIM more and more.

Confession, Baptism -

I went to Bangalore and by grace of our Lord Jesus Christ I got a job in a Biz Expatiate llc Bpo company .Every day before going to Job I used to go the church  prayed every day regularly .On Sundays and Saturdays I going to  a Pentecostal church. Three Incidents that happened in front of me changed my life.

1)      A professor who is earning six lakhs per month and who completed his M.Tech and PhD in America taken away by alligator in Amazon basin. His cannot able to find at least his dead body. Death strikes him all of a sudden for a post graduation person and earning good amount of salary per month.

2)      My friend shaji who is a keralite who know nine languages well experienced in translation also died in an accident. Death strikes him all of a sudden who is an intellect and well experienced person in language translation.

3)      One of my friend’s brother who is working as a project manager in a software company at Bangalore drank ten beer bottles and died due to cardiac arrest. Death strikes him all of a sudden for a software techie earning good salary and having special status in the society by working in a   software company.


Death strikes each and every person at any moment of his or her life. After death what will happen .Where your soul will go On one Sunday our church pastor preached the word of God on Romans 6:23 (Wages of Sin is death) and about eternity life after death whoever believes in Son of God .Whoever you may be or Whatever the status you have in the society or whichever position you may be death will strike you at any moment of life without giving any intimation. Even though I did not taken baptism our Lord performed HIS mighty manifestations in front of my eyes in my life and proved HIMSELF as a True Saviour, as true friend, and as true Brother. But I did not taken the step in my life to accept HIM as my personal saviour in my life by believing HIS command (Mark 16:16 whoever believes and is baptized will be saved) Still what I was lacking is True Salvation. People feel shy to take baptism even though they know Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven or eternity. Because of society problems, fear from their relatives, because of the questions that your ears will hear when u converted. So, due to all these things I am also just neglecting salvation and baptism but usually going to church as a nominal person. I remembered the verse from the bible, for although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened (Romans 1:21) .I am feeling shyness and making my heart like Israelites  so hard to take baptism. Simply going to church and worshipping HIM is not only the thing HE is expecting from me but the Real salvation in my life. Now the word of God showed me that I am a sinner. I should cleansed by the blood of the Lamb of God i.e. Jesus Christ. Then only I will have a reservation in the Heaven to be with Jesus Christ forever and ever .So, many people asked me who (Person) converted you to Christianity. Answer is so simple only five letters (“Bible”) changed and transformed my life completely. Since the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart (Heb 4:12). Then I confessed my sins at the feet of our Saviour and asked for Forgiveness of my sins. On June 24th 2007 I had taken baptism the name of the God the father, Son our Saviour Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. I was saved by our Lord Jesus Christ (Mark 16:16).I thank our saviour Jesus Christ who had written my name in living book otherwise I will be thrown in to the lake of fire if my name was not found in living book Rev (20:15).


New Creation in Christ


Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here (II Cor 5:17). On Feb 2007 after my cousin sisters’ marriage my parents again took me to one swamiji and he told to my parents that before may 1st 2007 that I will leave this world. Death will strike me. My parents have paid twenty five rupees again for performing rituals so that I will turn back to my childhood faith so, that my life will be saved from death. Our Lord had cancelled all the plans of Saturn as HE crushed the head of the Saturn on the cross of Calvary and given me victory over Saturn plans (Romans 16:20). May 1st 2007 is over till now as he said ( swamiji said I will leave this world, yes really I was dead in my sinful world) I really buried with HIM by taking baptism and became a new creation in Christ by baptism (Romans 6:4). Therefore No condemnation for me by living in Jesus Christ (Romans 8:1).After I taken baptism new things started in my life. I.e. New Beginning and New Walk in my life with my loving saviour Jesus Christ.Lord had given me a new spirit and new heart also to obey HIS commandments (Ezekiel 36:26, 11:19).Dreadful disease Jaundice which is coming every year stopped after my water baptism. Lord saved me from curses of my fore father’s sin and not only given me a new life but Sound health also by healing me. Before baptism I had set my mind on worldly things but after baptism Lord focused my mind on heavenly things. HE had opened my eyes to see the spiritual and deeper truths of the bible


Lord’s  Merciful Hand in my trails and tribulatins

My mother asked me if u want to smoke cigars and wanted to have a drink u can smoke and drink do whatever you want and live a luxurious life but stop believing in Jesus Christ. Once she had fallen on my legs and told me that in this world no mother will fell on the feet of her son .But I am asking you and requesting you to stop belief in Jesus Christ.Once she had taken bible which is with me forcibly and sold it to the news paper boy.And she forced me to do idol worship otherwise I will commit suicide. Forcibly she forced me to do. On the same day my father met with the accident. I was admitted in the psychologist Hospital for treatment since I had started praising Jesus and going to Church. They wanted to know whether any one performed hypnotism. For several months I had taken “Sizopride and Pacotene “tablets which made me to fell sleep for several hours a day.People asking me whether u born to a Christian mother or Hindu mother. Changing in to other religion means changing our own mother. Romans 8:35-Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? All troubles. Tribulations never shaken my faith from HIM but increased faith upon HIM and made me to see Glory of Jesus Christ in my life. Exodus 16:10 while Aaron was speaking to the whole Israelite community, they looked toward the desert, and there was the glory of the LORD appearing in the cloud.


Ministry Calling:


One day while I was in prayer Holy Spirit asked me one question? if you have account in one bank or any other banks It will not be a problem but once  if u come to heaven I will ask you one question only “What you have done for me in your life time”. Then in that prayer our Lord Jesus Christ revealed HIS will in my life that I had to do HIS ministry through this verse Jeremiah 1:4-7.Some years back to one of the pastor’s wife   also lord revealed the same thing about my life. At that time I neglected the word of God that came to me through her. Now this time also I neglected word of God that came to me. What happened is as I was working in the company. I was afflicted with fever and due to that I lost my job also.

        In the year 2009, after receiving the calling from God, Finally I decided to do HIS ministry HIS will in my life. So that I will live with HIM forever (I John 2:17).In the same year Lord anointed me with HIS Glorious Holy Spirit for HIS ministry. Our Lord till this moment utilized me for HIS glory .HE had taken me to the churches there I shared my testimony “How I accepted christ as my personal saviour” and shared HIS Glorious word also. Our Lord had given me the vision to start “Church ministry” through this verse Amos 7:14. HE had given me revelation to start Glorious Holy Spirit Ministries”. I am having desire to explain all the activities of ministry of the lord and churh ministry in my next coming book “Helping Hands”. In the same year Lord performed my marriage and given me life partner who also dedicated her life to do HIS ministry with me. And Lord blessed me with two childrens (daughter Ruby Evangeline and son Joshua Ben Abhishek).




As Job said “My redeemer is alive” in Job 19:25.In my life I can testify that my lord and saviour Jesus Christ (Redeemer) is alive.

  • As a Redeemer “He redeemed me from the clutches of Sin by cleansing me with HIS precious blood which is without blemish or defect.” I Pet 1:19.
  • AS a Redeemer “He redeemed by soul which is burdened by yoke of slavery “Gal 5:1.
  • AS a Redeemer “He redeemed me from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, for it is written: "Cursed is everyone who is hung on a pole." Gal 3:13
  • AS a Redeemer “He redeemed from my troubles (Occurred by believing in Jesus Christ Psalm 107:2)
  • As a Redeemer “He removed my fear by calling my name as HE called Jacob. “ Isaiah 43:1
  • As a Redeemer “He redeemed me from the hand of my enemies” Mic 4:10


God of trinity played an important role in my life in getting salvation. Incidents that happened in front of my eyes, that proved JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF IS ONLY A TRUE LIVING REDEEMER WHO WILL SAVEA MAN FROM HELL AND WHO CAME IN TO THIS WORLD TO SAVE THE LOST( Luke 19:10)







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