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Jennifer Morris

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Everyone please join together in prayer that my mothers heart problems be healed! She has multiple heart problems, and the doctors are contemplating open heart surgery!

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Hey, my name is Jennifer, and I want to share my story with everyone in hopes that it might one day save someone's life! You see I am an ex drug addict! I started out with smoking pot and drinking as a teenager, mostly because of peer pressure, but also because I was a social outcast, and felt like no one cared about me! I was in depression, I felt utterly alone, the pain was almost unbearable! So began the start of my addiction. The liquor and the marijuana numbed me; and I thought that was good at the time; in hind site however I learned that it did more harm than good. After saying yes to those drugs, it was pretty easy to allow myself to do harder drugs. Pills at first, then crack cocaine, crystal meth, and synthetic heroin. Now I was a mess. I started lying to my family, stealing from my friends, I even became a prostitute to pay for my new habit! I thought I was as low as I could go, so I left home, ran to florida, and met a man. Eventually I took him home to my family and I married him! I thought it was the beginning of a fresh start, only problem was is that now there was 2 of us in addiction!  We could no longer afford our drugs so we both got clean, I thought my life was great until he did the unthinkable and molested my 14 year old baby sister, making her twin sister watch! I was grief stricken and in shock, the man that I lived just hurt me in the worst way possible! Then a double whammy; my family blamed me for the ordeal! Saying it would not have happened if I hadn't married him! Back into drugs I went... Harder this time, I had given up, and thought there was nothing left living for! I no longer cared if I ate, or slept, or even woke up. I put my family through a living nightmare, for years they didn't know where I was! Then I got locked up for destruction of property! Oh well I told myself it's a free place to stay! From there I was put on probation, violated sent to prison in the state of Georgia @ Lee Arrendale State Pen for women and enrolled in the RSAT program, which is a drug rehab program, I passed all the test, told them what they wanted to hear but never let it sink in, I was not ready for recovery just yet! When I was released, I was sent to Toccoa Georgia, and put in a program for troubled women called Life Ministries ran by a woman named Surrea Oglesby! She saw me for what I was; a broken woman, I did not understand GODS live for me, I could not understand why he would care for someone like me! But Surrea was patient and dedicated to bringing me to Christ! After learning about what HE done for ME on the CROSS, and finally accepting him into my heart, I thought that was all there was to it! I eventually got out of her program, but hit another bump in the road! I relapsed, now let me tell you a little something about this relapse, it bothered me even while I was high on drugs, at first I could not figure out what was wrong, and then I remembered a story I had read in the Bible that Surrea gave to me about Adam hiding from God after he had eaten of the fruit after GOD had clearly told him not to; and I realized that I was just like Adam, I was hiding from GOD because I had known better! Ok so the ordeal still wasn't over, I had to learn to trust GOD! Ok yeah that isn't so hard unless you have had a man let you down beforehand, ( I have) anyway, so it took a while before I could let oh and let GOD! One night at my lowest point, I sat on the front steps of a friend of mine( they wasn't home) and asked GOD out loud what to do, I was homeless, no money, scared, and ashamed. I was not expecting an answer, but got one all the same! Call me crazy, delusional, whatever... I heard a voice speak to me, and tell me in exact words to go to Stacy's apartment and talk to him... He was another addict so I at first told satan off, thinking I was talking to some sort of demon or something, then I heard the voice a second time; this time though there was something in that voice that put me on my feet! I realized that I was talking to GOD or rather he was talking to me! Now that scared me! Who am I that The Lord would speak to me, I am nothing, and this time there was no mistaking who I was conversing with when I heard the words: you are my child, I created you, you are somebody, you are special, you are worthy! I started walking tears streaming down my face! I made it to the place I was told to go, and hesitantly knocked on Stacy's bedroom window, he let me in. I would like to say I got clean there and then but I didn't, I spent three more months in addiction. Then one night, with a hit of crack cocaine literally in my hand I heard that voice again, ENOUGH! I about jumped out of my skin, I still went about setting up my pipe to take my hit, when all of a sudden Stacy reaches over grabs my hand and ask me to quit cold turkey with him, and I did! Then as my reward GOD gave me 11 months to dry out between county jail time and detention center time, but HE knew I needed a safe place to get clean. That was almost 7 years ago that I quit. And I am here to tell you that without GOD, I could not have done it. HE is not only a saver of souls, HE is also a saver of lives!!!


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Father, We Thank Thee Father, we thank thee for the night, And for the pleasant morning light; For rest and food and loving care, And all that makes the day so fair. Help us to do the things we should, To be to others kind and good; In all we do, in work or play, To grow more loving every day.

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