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Lifted-Up Outreach|United States

Homeless Minister to the Homeless in my region. Executive Director/Pastor of Lifted-Up Outreach Ministry since 2007.


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Hi, my name is Jennifer The collection of my private video is here http://v.ht/i18ixx

Lifted-Up Outreach ist jetzt ein Kontakt von Gospel Light Fellowship

Lifted-Up Outreach ist jetzt ein Kontakt von Good Shepherd Church

Lifted-Up Outreach hat am Gebet JOY TO THE WORLD von PRAYers teilgenommen

Lifted-Up Outreach

For several years God has been telling me to trust Him and be faithful because the time of restoration, repair, and reunification is rapidly drawing near. I believe that 2015 is the start of this time. No matter what the enemy has stolen from you in the past, if you will look up to God and trust Hi


Lifted- Up Outreach; GIVE US YOUR WORD TO SAY YOUR TRUTH. http://zh.cross.tv/profile/596151?go=prayers&action=view&id=23121

Lifted-Up Outreach hat am Gebet In Jesus' name von vava teilgenommen

Lifted-Up Outreach ist jetzt ein Kontakt von vava

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