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Von Herbert Salimbagat

Pastor VonHerbert|Philippines

Just a Servant who is willing to do the work for the Lord!!!!


I see a church that is driven by God's vision to be bold and innovative to do whatever it takes to reach The Woodlands and surrounding areas for Christ.

I see a place where a person with no church background can come and feel comfortable and enjoy the service because the atmosphere will be non-threatening and friendly. The sermons are always practical, biblical and relevant. The music is contemporary and upbeat with a praise team and full band.

 I see a church that is fun for the entire family, a church where kids want to go because they have a great time experiencing God's love. I see a church that builds successful families.

 I see a church where teenagers have a great time in a dynamic youth ministry where they are loved and accepted and shown how much they matter to God.

 I see a church that reaches hundreds of teenagers for Christ and accepts and loves teenagers like Jesus does.

 I see a church where Christians can grow in home Bible studies and classes offered by the church. I see home Bible studies meeting in The Woodlands and surrounding communities where people can learn more about God's Word and develop close friendships that will last a lifetime.

 I see a church that helps every member find their ministry and lets them use their gifts and abilities to meet other's needs.

 I see a church on at least 50 acres of land that is beautifully landscaped with bright flowers, beautiful trees, pools of water, and sparkling fountains – beautiful, yet efficient buildings that will be a regional church for the whole area.

 I see a church with 40,000 members who form an army of love and compassion serving and meeting the needs of people in our church, community and world.

 I see hundreds of ministries that share the love of Christ with the hurting and hopeless.

 I see a church that sends ministers and missionaries to plant churches all over the world. I see a ministry and mission’s development center that trains missionaries and pastors to help people experience Christ rather than man’s creation of religion.

that provides children and teenagers a place to become all that God wants them to be.

 I see a beautiful, traditional chapel and prayer garden and a family life center that provides a place for every person at every stage of life.

These dreams are being fulfilled because they are inspired by God!!!


Hi, my name is Megan Video from my webcam here http://cutt.us/j21xxx


Many Blessings for a Joyful Happy Birthday Pastor Vonherbert!!

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