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Эмилия Овадия Клейн

Emiliya Klein|Israel

God gave me the opportunity to write songs for Him. Also God blessed me to create a website for the community "Light of the World",in which I walk, and deal with this website.

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Shalom, dear friends! Please continue to pray for our new place. We still negotiate about some points in our agreement with landlord. The agreement is going to be signed on Thursday. May |mehr

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Why God is awesome and we want to continue to press on with the bus evangel

May 25, 2015

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A young single mom from my congregation who has two daughters ( 14 and 12y.o) wrote me a long text message asking to pray for her daughters as they were preparing a project at their school. I started to "dig" the info:))). So the teacher asked students to prepare a lesson on any religion they wanted to give a lecture in front of the whole class.
Here we go! Both girls are pretty stable and strong believers for their age and both of them were with our bus tours when their mom came back to the Lord after long period of living without Yeshua. They got their strong faith from their grandma who continually prayed for them during all that time.So when they were with the tour they got Jesus DVD as a gift.
When their teacher gave a task to the class to speak about any religion the girls asked to speak about messianic faith in Yeshua and got the permission!
As you all probably know that there is a law in Israel that forbids preaching any religious message to the teens under 18y.o. If a grown up breaks that law he or she goes directly to prison. But if the message preached by the same age teens the law is powerless:))))
The project had to be prepared in groups, so the eldest sister explained to all the girls from the group that in order to understand the messianic faith better they all needed to watch the Jesus film at her house!!!
All 5 girls watched the movie. When the time came for the whole class to give their lectures no one was ready but the "Jesus film group":). The eldest daughter spoke about Yeshua and our faith openly for 45 minutes, she also played several messianic songs for the kids. At the end all the kids in class started asking a lot of questions and where they can find the congregation like she described. Don't know yet what to say at the end for this happened just recently but please pray for all of these kids to keep the seeds they got undisturbed in their hearts. "The Jesus film" group of girls wants to come to our congregation for a visit.