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urban_believer2022|United States

I'm somewhat pensive at the moment.

Mein Profil






Gesehene Videos:




New York [10065], United States (New York)

Mein Status:

I'm somewhat pensive at the moment.

Mein Missionsfeld:

I am not a Missionary at the moment but I am seriously considering it. I am being called by the Lord to go to the Middle East and that is where I shall go. It breaks my heart to see and hear about the persecution that my Christian Brothers and Sisters are experiencing in the Middle East. I want to be an advocate for the persecuted Church in the Middle East-North Africa region. I love my Christian Brothers and Sisters in that part of the world very much and I want them to know that Christians in the West are aware of the hardships that they are currently suffering and that they are not alone. The issue of Christian persecution in the Middle Eastern region is a deeply personal subject for me.

Meine Ziele:

I want to return to college and finish my studies towards my Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. I am very passionate about serving and helping others. I also have a deep passion for justice. I hope to serve as a missionary and advocate for persecuted Christians in the Middle East. I am VERY passionate about that particular cause and am on fire for it. I also have a strong interest in the field of public safety and would be interested in a career as a hazardous materials technician with a Hazardous Materials Response Team but my first choice is the persecuted church in the Middle East.

Meine Gemeinde:

I don't have a home church as of yet. I'm currently still searching for a home church.

Konfession :






Talente & Hobbies:





Whatever catches my ear.


Kari Jobe


The Purpose Driven Life (this book changed my entire life)


Rocky 4, Terminator 2, Top Gun, A Walk to Remember, Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Meine Helden:

Jesus Christ (he saved all of humanity, there is no bigger hero than him), Joan of Arc, Clara Immerwahr, Catherine of Alexandria, Perpetua and Felicity, those who make significant sacrifices for the well-being of others (especially the disadvantaged and vulnerable).





Meine Familie bedeutet für mich:



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Persecuted Christians in Syria need our prayers!

Since the civil war started in Syria, life in the country has become increasingly difficult. There is danger all around from both sides. Also, due to the international boycott of the country, there are food sh…

Thank you for posting this! This is a deeply important matter. The persecuted church, especially in the Middle East is a subject that is near and very dear to my heart. Indeed, we must pray for our Christian Brothers and Sisters in Syria as well as throughout the Middle East.

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