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Patricia King-Edwards


Married with 3 cats

I am a born again, spirit filled ESL teacher as well as editor and writer. God uses my classes to save my students. I have gone two years in a row and over 4 months to teach and minister throughout India. I have written a book about my testimony, my journeys and my message which is entitled 'WHERE IS YOUR HEART? IT IS NOW IN PUNJABI, TELUGU, KANNAADA, AND HINDI .  I taught God's Word in Bible Colleges and visited two orphanages and slum areas. One orphanage  has 28 children and no toilets or running water. I am praying God to provide funds so they can buy new land and build a building with good facilities and I wish to build schools in slum areas.THE PHOTO IS OF ME IN NORTHERN INDIA .


Right now, in India, I have been given a printing press, (worth $250,000 USd) land to build a Christian publishing house named Hidden Manna, enough paper for 3 years and other machinery. We have no capital to start up ... It costs $10,000 to start up the press, which I do not have.  I have 50 Christian authors waiting to publish with us.... With the money from publishing, we will give to Christian ministries, slum areas and orphanages of India. Would anyone like to come on side with this great work. I bless you all ==


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