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Daddy. It's been around 3 years since I prayed here publically in cross.tv. What happened since this time? Maybe I'm a bit more experienced as a professional musician, maybe I know more |mehr

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Liliana Kostrzewa Group

Apr 24, 2014

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<- from left: me (Liliana Kostrzewa) - piano, Paweł Grzesiuk - bass, Cezary Konrad - drums

 String quartet first rehearsal ->

String Quartet:
Misza Tsebriy - I violin 
Olga Kharytonova - II violin 
Edyta Hedzielska - viola
Dariusz Dudziński - cello

LeeMeet Trio - how it all began


Idea of the project was born many years ago in highschool, because of the need for composing. First in loneliness in a head of Liliana Kostrzewa, leader and pianist (MA in classical composition in Posen/graduate of jazz composition in Katowice; winner of many competitions f.ex. Konkurs Kompozytorski im. K. Komedy). Then live – in a group of three musicians. Band of Liliana Kostrzewa performed in various compilations in Poland (Stettin – their homecity, Posen, Warsaw, Krakov, Katowice, Danzig) and abroad in Wien, where the leader resided on scholarship.

LeeMeet Trio was awarded with getting to the finals of prestigious competition Jazz Juniors in Krakov, as chosen among 47 bands.

On June 2013 original Stettin's band went to Gdansk, where met in studio Custom34 to record first album and surprisingly – recorded 20 pieces in one day! Lili (piano/compositions) is accompanied by a wonderful bassist Paweł Grzesiuk (6-stringed bass guitar) and the only known drummer with decent medical education – Radek Wośko (drums).

Their repertoire is „leemeeted edition” - authorial music of Lili embedded in the spontaneous improvisation, with a hint of Slavic accent.

First album of LeeMeet Trio "The First Entrance to the Garden" (RecArt 2014) contains eight pieces, including new compositions of Lili, fluctuating between film music and jazz, where the rich harmony easily transports the listener to another deeper dimension.

Bio notes:


Liliana Kostrzewa pianist and composer (Academy of Music in Posen/Katowice; multiple winner of composer's competitions, such as named by K. Komeda or A. Didura). She's known from her stunning improvisations as soloist to big-band member, where she was awarded on Big Band Festiwal New Tomysl.

You may listen to her music as a founder of Liliana Kostrzewa Experimental Group (piano+accordion+doublebass+visualisation) or OliLija – folk-jazz duo,

as well as a honky-tonky pianist in the oldest cinema in Europe Pionier 1909 or a guest pianist in a State Philharmonic.

After regular work as ballet pianist in Opera House, she is all into jazz with her LeeMeet Trio (awarded in Jazz Juniors), with which she recorded her first album in 2013.

She enjoys action on the border between jazz and classic with open mind to new stylistic areas. 

Her music is subtle, full of rich harmonies, reflective, but also energetic, as Slavic soul. All emotions in it. Check it:



Paweł Grzesiuk stettiner bassist moving fluently in any style; LeeMeet Trio member since 2009; teacher and model for many guitarists of the young generation; he has worked among others with Adam Bałdych, Bernard Maseli, Jola Szczepaniak, Ewa Kabsa and Teatr Polski. He can also boast about cooperation with Urszula Dudziak and Cezary Konrad.

Radek Wośko - originating from Szczecin jazz drummer, who now lives in Denmark. He made his first jazz steps with Lila yet in high school. Graduate in medicine and then – drums in the Carl Nielsen Academy. Active member of the Polish-Danish bands, including: Entropy and Licak/Wośko Quartet feat. Carl Winther, with whom he won Grand Prix 49. International Festival Jazz Nad Odrą (Breslau 2013). Award-winning jazz competitions also in Danzig and Lomza.


Liliana Kostrzewa Group feat. Cezary Konrad - idea

While Radek, regular drummer of LeeMeet Trio, was spending his first time in Africa/Ghana and then - was touring with another band, me&Pablo (bass) both inspired - we decided to sent invitation to cooperation for well-known drummer, polish jazz-top Cezary Konrad. We were overjoyed, when Czarek accepted invitation and soon, after arranging time&space for events -  we knew he will be coming from Warsaw specially to play with us May18th - hala opery in Stettin and 19th - Goleniowski Dom Kultury in Goleniow! 

On stage I will have support also from invariably the same one&only - Paweł Grzesiuk/Pablo on electric bass and the string quartet made of my colleagues from work - Opera House in Stettin and hopefully... other friends! 

Tickets&info: http://opera.szczecin.pl/repertoire/liliana-kostrzewa-group-feat -cezary-konrad/


Cezary Konrad – live jazz legend of polish drums; Jazz Top since 1992 according to Jazz Forum;

as the fresh news confirm: co-created album "Night in Calissia" of Włodek Pawlik, which got Grammy this year 2014!

he's known from cooperating with Krzysztof Herdzin, Anna Maria Jopek, Leszek
Możdżer, Zbigniew Namysłowski, Tomasze Stańko as well as foreign artists such as: Karrin Allyson, Randy Brecker, Deborah Brown, Mino Cinelu, Joe de Franco, Volker Greve, Gary
Guthman, Paul Imm, Didier Lockwood, Pat Metheny, Nippy Noya,
Susan Weinert and many others... more: http://www.cezarykonrad.com/