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About CTA

Its people

CTA registered as a charity in 1980. It has a board of trustees and employees include:

  • Malcolm Turner is CTA’s Executive Director with many years experience in marketing and fundraising for major UK charities and secular in agencies. He is a board member of Christian European Visual Media Association and International Christian Visual Media – an association of producer’s worldwide.
  • Crawford Telfer is CTA’s Director of Programmes with over 35 years experience in television production. He was a BBC cameraman for 15 years and since then has produced and directed numerous documentaries and features. He is also a board member of CEVMA.
  • Pam White is CTA’s Administrator and handles day-to-day enquiries and DVD sales – usually the first point of contact with CTA.

Its vision

CTA was born out of a vision to present the ‘Great News for the Small Screen’ using the home video technology which emerged in the late 70’s.

Today that original vision has expanded beyond our wildest imagination as CTA programmes now have a global audience thanks to the latest digital and satellite technology. The message remains the same, but the means and methods of presenting it are continually being updated so as to be relevant to today’s media savy audiences.

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