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Faith Inc Word Deliverance Ministries|United States

We are lifting up the name of Jesus Christ at Faith Inc Word Deliverance Ministries


Below is our Ministerial Fellowship called the Apostolic Council and Holy Priesthood Fellowship of Believers in Jesus Christ. We are looking for new members who want to see the Kingdom of God go fourth


The ACHPFBJC was founded by Apostle Scott F. McClenton in February 2006. Dr. McClenton was given a mandate by the Lord to establish a ministerial fellowship that would promote a spirit of truth and holiness unto the Lord by practicing biblical principles for daily living. Sensing the direction of the Holy Spirit's need to see an approved body for Jesus Christ brought about the task to consecrate, elect, designate, ordain, license, certify and equip men and women of God for this endtime. The Church has moved farther away from the rudiments of the faith only to reestablish and design a cheap grace that has no accountability to God's holy standards.

There is a dying need for men and women of God to walk in their spiritual authority to defeat the plans of Satan. The ACHPFBJC seeks to birth, develop and send fourth this breed of Christians that will allow Jesus to manifest in their lives to destroy the works of the devil. The Church is called to be a military post in the Army of the Lord that will stand up for truth and the authority of the Holy Bible. The ACHPFBJC will not compromise the spirit of holiness nor seek to settle for a redefined cheap grace that enables the enemies of Christ. The ACHPFBJC is often reminded that it's better to obey God than man. The fellowship is designed to release a holy boldness and spirit filled drive that will raise up a standard when the enemy comes in like a flood.

It's doesn't make a difference of the size of your bible study group, church or ministry to be part of the ACHPFBJC. The Lord desires men and women of God who have a pure heart to stand on the Word of God. This fellowship is designed to build up people who want to connect or reestablish their ministries with a ministerial fellowship that knows the cost of doing ministry. The ministry seeks to educated, disciple, apostolized, evangelized and prophetize people who are willing to take a chapter or some notes of experience from leaders who have stood the test of times. The ACHPFBJC is here to help you maximized your faith in Jesus Christ.

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