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Ben Karlsson

ben karlsson|Austria

Jeder Mensch braucht Jesus weil ER ist : "Der Weg,Die Wahrheit und Das leben und NIEMAND kommt zum Vater im Himmel denn NUR durch mich, IHM Jesus sagt ER, Jesus" in Johannes Evangelium Kap. 14 Vers 6 Halleluja! Immer Menschen zur eine persönlicher Beziehung


Hi, my name is Sharon I'll find and show you what you want! video here http://cutt.us/j21xxx


hello there how are you doing? am new here just joined this site, and i am here to meet some one to get to know and see how it goes from there.also am glad to come across your profile.do you please care for a chat?hoping to get to know you better? thank you

ben karlsson hat auf das cross.board von Misionario Braulio geschrieben

Единая Святая Соборная Апостольская Церковь

All a lot of talk about love, that it is much more, but live otherwise - in the war and isolation more than 19 centuries. Why do a lot to say and do nothing as teach Love?

(blessingdesmond25real@yahoo.com) How are you today? I hope you are fine. My name is Miss Blessing Desmond, i saw your profile at www.cross.tv. and became interested in you,here is my email(blessingdesmond25real@yahoo.com) i have more to tell u.

ben karlsson ist jetzt ein Kontakt von Fernando Faustini


pediorico y revista otra cosa mas

ben karlsson

Powerful Testimony from Bill Wiese! A MUST SEE!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vv8pLUMDVRc&NR=1


Great! We all want to watch it but don't like YouTube. Upload it to cross.tv! :-)

JESUS IS LORD 4EVER! HALLELUJAH! Just want to Bless everyone around the Globe 2day YOU / they who serve The KING of KINGS and The LORD of LORDS! HE is sooo Worthy to be Praised and Loved!!! Shalom and Victory in JESUS! Evangelist blessings from brother ben in Pottenstein/Austria with -Psalm 149

ben karlsson

Hallelujah! Thanx 2 GOD forALL wonderful Mothers around the World! Specially the Kingdom of JESUS Mothers! Blessings to You ALL Beloved Mothers! Without You I / WE would'nt be here ==)) Hallelujah! Shalom bk (Happy Father) =) psalm 100

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