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Dear friends and family, Greetings and best wishes to you in the precious name of Lord Jesus Christ. The natural calamity was fully damaged in 3 districts around my area. In India my |mehr

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Nov 20, 2008

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Dear beloved brothers and sisters,
Greetings and best wishes in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. it is very previlage to share with you what God has doing here.

Every week I visits one family.her daughter married a person who lived in a forest village. The daughter went to her mother in law’s house with her husband. The husband and his whole family members were hindus. They are fully idolaters. But this lady was very interested in Christ. But she doesn’t have baptism. Her parents are Christians. So , what happened to her in the mother in law’s house? The hindu gods appearing to her in the middle of the nights. And pressing to worship them. At the same time her husband’s family members also annoying her to adore the hindu gods.the hindu gods were attacked her body they fight her body. So, she was became very ill health. Accidentally her father see her. Then he was recognized his daughters situation. Then he thought if he lefts her in the mother in law’s house she will surely die. so, then he brought to his own village( I live in this village). Every week I conducts prayer meeting in their house. But she coesn’t attend to the prayer meeting because of hindu gods. On 17 may I discussed with them. Then they told her daughter’s situation. Then I requested the parent to allow her to sit in the prayer meeting. Unwillingly they accepted. We all worshipped the Lord and I preached in the authority of the believer in Jesus and baptism. After that prayer meeting I prayed for her and her family. i returned to my home. In the middle of the week I visited her. Then she shared about her dream. in that dream she saw Jesus is coming down to the earth along with so many angles. There she saw her parent and me with Jesus. After this dream she repented and want to take baptism. Praise the Lord. She don’t scare anymore to hindu Gods. Please pray for her.

In the third week of the May I prayed for an young man. His leg was wounded by the thorn. His leg was swollen, so he is can not walking properly. He came to me for prayer. I anointed with oil and prayed for him. After I prayed he got some relief. On the next day he came then I prayed with compassion. Miraculously he healed from pain and swallow up. Praise the Lord. he invited me to visit his house. So I went to his house at 8 pm. That night I shared the gospel with them. After prayer meeting they said about their situation. There are four families are living in a small hut. One is a pregnant woman. Every day night devil is coming like a beautiful woman and disturbing a lot. She had a long hair. That night I said to them take out all the amulets (because they wore some amulets. ( amulets are some kind of witchcraft things). They took out all the amulates. Then I prayed for them and I commended the evil spirit t go away from that area. After prayer and I came to my house at 12:30 in the middle of the night. at 2:30 am the pregnant woman gave birth to a boy child. At 11:30 am I went there and prayed for the baby. In the evening at 6:30 pm suddenly the leg was swollen to the man who healed from the leg pain. At the same time demon came to baby and killed him. All were saw the devil with helpless. Next day I went there and prayed for the family. Lord revealed that somebody still have amulet. I asked them with confident. Then they found the amulet on the neck of the pregnant woman.( who lost the baby). They took out the amulet and gave it to me. It had three snake symbols on it. That symbols belongs to snake god. then I prayed for them. Next day I went there they said very nice testimony. The came but did not reach their house and threw some stones on the neighbors house and left that area. Praise the lord.

On the next day they called me to pray for the lady who felt ill health. So , I went there and prayed for the woman. After I prayed the woman got strength. After that while I am sharing gospel suddenly one demon possessed woman came and shouting like this “send him that person from this area, don’t allow him to this area.” . give upma (this will makes from wheat), tea and pork (pig meat) to eat, and shouting “send him from this place please”. Then I reached that woman to pray but she escaped and ran from me. Them demon left her. Every one astonished with this incident and praised God a lot. This same situations were happened in the bible with Jesus, Paul and silah . ( Luke 8:26-33., acts 16:16-18).

I prayed for an young man who is suffering with lungs problem. God healed him . praise the lord.

One man relieved from alcoholism . he use to drink lot of alcohol every day. He asked me to get rid of this problem. I prayed for him he get rid of that problem. But he had smoking problem . please for his salvation.

By the grace of God I conducted 12 prayer meetings. Last month I am very busy with the ministry. Urgently I needed public addressing system to proclaim gospel. Please pray for the church building to be completed. Which is in far away village. I needed two wheeler to go to villages. Please pray for this month grocery. Because all of my grocery ran out. My cooking gas also ran out. I need to pay electricity bills too. Please remember me in your prayers.

With Love in Christ,

Evangelist Sukumar.