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minimumwageprosperity|United States

Starting our 9th month of our 12-month project! Follow our suburban American family of 5 as we live contentedly on minimum wage! www.minimumwageprosperity.org

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Great Pay, Great Benefits!

Apr 15, 2011

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So we’re doing this Minimum Wage Prosperity thing not for us, but for others.  We’re here to give YOU hope.  No matter what your financial situation is, if you’re an American, you’re relatively wealthy.  The era of home theater, mcmansions and civilian Hummers with Bose stereos may have convinced you that you’re poor, but it just ain’t so.  The rising cost of food, fuel, and well, everything might have you fearful, but you don’t need to fear.  

You have the opportunity to have a working relationship with the creator of the universe.  And God pays well, and has GREAT benefits.   When you go to work for God, your job description is made perfectly for you. Actually, you were made for it.   And if you get into the groove you were made for, the stuff that seemed so important suddenly isn’t.  You find friends who are closer than family, and purpose that is perfect for you.  YOU can do THIS!  In fact, ONLY you can do what you were made for perfectly, and if you don’t do it the entire world will miss out on something great, but you will miss the most.  

We’re living on very little by American standards, but we ALWAYS have all we need.  We’ve had some major structural problems with our house.  They’re fixed.  Our air conditioning went out.  It’s fixed.  Our daughter broke her foot. She has the care she needs to heal.  Our van broke down.  We now have a better one.  I unintentionally injured a black widow spider with my bare finger, and then it crawled across my bare hand.  No bite.  I had no idea, and no plan for how to deal with those problems.  But they were handled right on time.  No worries.  Tell me, is your life this good?  

America’s biggest problem is that we own too much.  We have more than we need, more than we can maintain, and more than we can afford.  We take on too much.  Too much stuff, too many commitments, and far too much concern for ourselves.  We have a tremendous opportunity every day of our life to let go of the silly things we cling so tightly to, and embrace the relationship and purpose that Jesus Christ created just for us. What do you think?  Is that a good deal? You have incredible power within you to create and accomplish amazing things, and the whole world is waiting on what you can do.  

We’ve once again opened up comments on the blog, so let us know.  What do you struggle with letting go of?  Where would God take you if you would let him?

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