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4 Good Reasons (And One GREAT One) To Part With Stuff

Apr 04, 2011

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Most people agree that with money "enough" is usually just a little bit more.  Why not adapt that idea to something that we can actually attain, like simplicity? You can easily gain a little more simplicity, by removing a little bit of stuff.

So here it is, four good reasons (and one GREAT reason!) to have less stuff …

5 Everything you own owns you.  Every possession comes at a cost. Some are expensive to get, and expensive to keep.  Some are expensive to maintain even though they don't cost much to get.  Lots of stuff costs time and attention, taking your mind away from what is important and consuming your energy while giving little gain.

4 Someday almost never comes. Ever save something for years in case you need it  and never need it?  Ever get rid of it, then need it right after that?  These experiences convince us we should save everything forever. But really, the cost of keeping so much almost always exceeds the cost of replacing the small portion of it that we actually need later.  When someday comes, we can't find what we know we kept somewhere anyway- unless we spent more on organization than we saved by not parting with stuff in the first place. See # 3.

3 Clutter is expensive.  When you have a lot of stuff you have to invest in more stuff like shelves and closets and buildings to keep your stuff where you can get to it . But often the cost of the other stuff to keep our stuff nice is greater than the value of the stuff you keep in the first place.

2 The wider your focus, the weaker your intensity. The more we have to deal with, the less we can think about each thing. The less we think about each thing, the worse we are at it. The worse we are at things, the less value they have for everyone, including us.

And the absolute greatest reason to part with stuff...

1. Everyone has a limited time to be GREAT.  When our time is up, if we’ve spent most of it looking for our keys instead of inspiring others with God’s love, there’s no do-over.

So get that extra stuff gone once and for all. Donate it to charity.  It’s quick, easy, final, and loving all at the same time.