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Ezra Orlando  Chea

Ezra |Cameroon

We are now 1st Month of the year before the Lord. Begin a prosperous New 2014, Flying in Great heights. What the Lord said: http://www.imminentendoftheworld.com/57.php

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USE THESE 5 GOLDEN KEY STEPS & LIVE ETERNALLY WITH THE LORD : (1)-We read the written Word of God(Logos) to get KNOWLEDGE of God and His way of Life for us. Joshua 1;8 |mehr

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GOOD NEWS FROM: RADIO PRAYER ROOM!!! Nov 12, 2012 1 Kommentar

Dear Brethren! Let's pray that God will open our minds to better understand this question as to readjust our thoughts. What are the Portraying marks or signs in the life of a believer to show that God is blessing him/her? ........ Is it material things like: A good job, a nice house, a car, wife, husband, children etc.? ................ Or spiritual things like: The manifestation of the fruits of the spirit in the life of a believer, to make him Christlikeness in ready for eternity?.......... That is, he or she discovers that, in collaboration with the Holy Spirit, God has taken away pride and bless with humbleness!..... Taken away anger, bitterness and bless with gentleness, tolerance. ......Taken away sexual immorality and bless with purity....... Taken away unforgiveness and bless with forgiveness etc., etc..... We do away with the fallen devilish nature, to wear Christlikeness in ready for eternity...... Yes because it is very unfortunate that today, the devil has wisely moved believers back to the Old covenant of earthly material blessings. .....In the Old Testament God promised blessings of earthly material things to those who obeyed him, because there was no talk about blessing of eternal life in heaven. .........Those who obeyed him, he would multiply their cattle, sheep, make rain fall on their crops, give them children, give them victory over their physical enemies etc...... There wasn't any talk about blessing of eternal life in heaven.....Those who disobeyed the Lord, he will not allow rain fall on their crop, send them diseases, give victory to their enemies over them, famine etc., because there was no talk about going to Hell for those who disobeyed......So the Old covenant dealt with earthly blessings, while the New Testament deals with spiritual blessings (Ephesians 1:3)........ That is why the Lord command, us to seek first the kingdom of God, and he will supply us with the secondary necessary things.........Unfortunately the devil has craftily turn us back to the Old Covenant gospel of seeking the earthly in what is popularly known as "Prosperity gospel", so that we see but material things as sign of God's blessings........ Unbelievers and worshippers of other gods are equally well blessed with material things a hundred times more than true believers in Christ. ......The richest people in the world today are not true believers in Christ but UN believers and even atheist......... So how can believers are considering material things instead of the spiritual as a sign of God's blessings? .......What were the marks of God's blessings in the life of: Jesus Christ, Matthew, Mark, John, James, Peter, Paul etc.? Where they material blessings or spiritual blessings?........ How then can we be so stupid to want to be what they weren't in earthly material blessings?...... This is where our problem today is! Wanting to have what those we claim to be representing hadn't........ The Lord has commanded us to seek for the things of heaven first; the he will meet our basic secondary needs........ In the new covenant, someone without a child, unmarried, never owned a bicycle, never entered a car, never put on shoe, never lived in a comfortable house or sit on comfortable chairs, sleeping in one of the worst slump houses, sick etc., but rich in spiritual blessings will enter heaven..........So don't let the devil deceive you with material things as sign of God's upon your life; and end you in the lake of fire.......Material things merely expresses God's goodness to all his creation. That is why those who don't even believe in his existence have them..... If we can change our thinking now before it becomes too late, then the better.. God bless you.