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Ezra Orlando  Chea

Ezra |Cameroon

We are now 1st Month of the year before the Lord. Begin a prosperous New 2014, Flying in Great heights. What the Lord said: http://www.imminentendoftheworld.com/57.php

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USE THESE 5 GOLDEN KEY STEPS & LIVE ETERNALLY WITH THE LORD : (1)-We read the written Word of God(Logos) to get KNOWLEDGE of God and His way of Life for us. Joshua 1;8 |mehr

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Happy and Blessed Prosperous New Year 2012 to all !!!!!!!!!! This is the Right seasons God fixed for you to arise and enter your New Year blessings!! With words of your lips from your heart, use the POWER OF PROPHESY and prophesy blessings on your life, family, Church, village, town, country, continent, world!!!! Prophesy closing the gates of evil seasons in your life ending the year 2011 period, and open the gates of new seasons of blessings for the period 2012 before the LORD for yourself, etc. God desires all His authentic children to prophesy blessing on their lives and those of others. Has He not said “...but rather that ye may PROPHESY..”?1st Corinth14:1. It’s God’s will that ALL his children born again have the gift of Prophesy as to be able to prophesy on their lives and others etc By the power of word like our creator in whose image we were made, let’s bring into existence blessings and off from existence curses in our lives etc.. In ignorance we are allowing the devil trump her over our lives, families etc. Jesus answered “It is written in your own Law that God said, ‘You are gods’ John 10:34. We are today, in the 1st Month of the year (Easter Month which is Roman March) marking the departure of the people of Israel from Egypt, to Canaan, that the LORD spoke and said:”THIS MONTH IS TO BE THE 1st MONTH OF THE YEAR FOR YOU...Exodus 12:1-2(continue to verse 20). Look up in the sky and you will see the New moon for the new year beginning in a ‘c’ form (I made the moon to mark the end of months Psm 104:19). If you very much want to know the exact date of Pass over-what we called today Easter(when Christ was arrested and crucified) , count from last Friday 16th when the New moon for the 1st Month of the year came out , to Thursday 29 march which will be the 14th day for Pass over as celebrated in the Old testament. Brethren let us ask ourselves these question: Is our God the God or DISORDER or ODER? Why then all these disorder with everyone having his own End of year to celebrate as if God was a God of disorder?: - The Romans through the Roman Catholics celebrate the feast of Saint Sylvester 31st Dec-1st January in memorial of his death as new year( Many Christians follow this as accomplishment of Daniel 7:25 with the Lord already warning us that Satan will Change God’s Times and Laws and believers in Christ will obey him in these changed). - The Chinese have theirs. - The Orthodox has theirs etc....... But as for you an authentic believer in Christ, living by the word of God, yours is clearly revealed in the Holy Scripture: Exodus 12:1-2. Has the Lord not commanded us to read and meditate his word day and night as to obey all that is written in it for our success and prosperity-Joshua 1:8? Yes the Lord says” Your people will build what has long being in ruins, building again on the old foundations. You will be known as the people who rebuilt the walls, who restored the ruin houses” Isaiah 58:12. Therefore, Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, this my PRAYER OF BLESSINGS wishing you a GLORIOUS AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2O12 in your SPIRITUAL, SOCIOECONOMIC life below, is for you! Carefully read to the end, to receive…… http://www.imminentendoftheworld.com/27.php